Tuesday, April 3, 2007

mono tracer supported

Where does the motorcycle stop, does begin the sports car? The answer comes from Switzerland with that 250 km/h snaps mono tracers.
„Inclination liberty - the liberty, which we mean, are called “it with with Peraves, Winterthur, the manufacturer of this 2+2-Rades also full-vitreous tandem cockpit, because to a motorcycle inclination from 52° is actually only with far hung knee on the racing course to think out. The knees of the mono tracer consist of swing-out gange wheels. Like that is provided not only for these extreme driving along curves but also when holding - for example before a red traffic light - always for „a support leg “.

„Mono tracers drive are flies on 60 cm seat level “, like that its creators. The 130-PS-BMW-Motor with 1171 ccm must depending upon equipment only 460 to 485 Kilos unloaded weight 3.65 meters is enough vehicle to move. Result: Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and 250 km/h point. The Viergang-Getriebe is sequenziell switched. ABS and ceramic(s) brakes are in series, anti-slip control or also an automatic transmission can be inserted when desired. With a Cruising speed of 120 km/h the compact engine swallows only five litres. Capacity of the tank: nevertheless 50 litres.
„From the Kanzleisicht sees the world simply friendlier out “. Owing to the full glazing driving with the mono tracer - guided like a motorcycle - makes really for fun, particularly, if one can itself in a pilot situation at a Ferrari or a Porsche past schlängeln. The turning circle amounts to 8.5 meters. This Swiss quality product - two years warranty on the entire machinery, 25 years warranty for the framework from metal and Composite materials - has his price: 52,500 euro in the basic form.

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