Tuesday, April 3, 2007

special exhibition in Leipzig: Fascination Flügeltürer

One of the six special exhibitions of the AMI 2007 in Leipzig is dedicated to the Fügeltürern. In glass-resound the area to 30 as vehicles worth seeing from eight countries are geziegt, among them models of Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, the Spyker C8, the TS01 from the French Kleinserienmanufaktur Technical Studio, the K-1 of the slowakischen company Attack and the Yes the Roadster from Saxonia. Within the range of the legendary vehicles naturally also the classical author Mercedes 300 SL may not be missing.
The special exhibition of the promotion of young people in the German motor vehicle trade of “autooccupations - chances for Könner”. presented in glass-resounds modern career profiles approximately around the automobile. In the context of the special exhibition present under other Honda, Suzuki, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota in an alive workshop interactively modern engine technology, alternative drives, electronic components such as Crash sensors and Airbag models, vehicle configurations by Bluetooth and much more besides.
In the special exhibition “time journey by 50 years engine haven in the ADMV” in resounds to 1 presents the ADMV, which commits 2007 its 50stes establishment anniversary, engine haven technology from five decades. The visitor gets historical racing cars, motorcycles, Rallyeautos, autoCROSS car, to see sidecar motorcycles and even speedboats.
Unusual changes of East German and Eastern European automobile marks the special exhibition “Tuning East” shows in resounds to 3. It presents ten look up-exciting copies, among them a satellite with 300 HP and models of Lada and Barkas.
For the first time the DRS German Rallye series on the Leipziger autofair presents itself. On the open area and on the AvD conditions in 5 resounds on 14 April approximately 30 current Rallye vehicles, service vehicles and a driver camp to admire will be.
The AMITEC special exhibition moves building of bodies into the focus. “Tradition and innovation: Body civil engineering yesterday and today” reads the slogan of a special exhibition, which experiences of 14. until 18 April 2007 at the trade fair AMITEC their premiere.

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