Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Chrysler sales could bringing higher proceeds than expected

A possible sales of the fastened daughter Chrysler could rinsing more moneys than expected into the cashes of DaimlerChrysler. How the “world announces on Sunday” under appointment on negotiation partners, could up to nine billion dollar proceeds for US autofarmer be obtained. Before the speech was from a purchase price of maximally six billion euro. DaimlerChrysler did not commentate the report.
So far the speech is from two concrete offers for Chrysler. The Canadian supplier Magna had to 23. March - common with the financial investor Ripplewood - converted 3, 5 billion euro required. On past Friday allegedly the investor Cerberus delivered an offer in height mentioned. Here the former DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen manager Wolfgang Bernhard function as an advisor. As further prospective customers the competitor general of engine and the financial investor Blackstone are called.
Meanwhile several institutional investors for a sales of Chrysler expressed themselves. They want to make themselves on the general meeting of DaimlerChryser on Wednesday (4 April) for a separation from the US daughter Chrysler strong. “A splitting off from Chrysler appears to us under the given conditions meaningfully, there the market surrounding field in the USA to become also in the future very difficult might”, said Ingo Speich, fund manager with union Investment the “trade paper” today. Allegedly also also the fund companies SEB and DWS pleaded for a sales.

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