Sunday, April 1, 2007

FOR EACH DESIGN offers complete Tuning for the AUDI TT

AUDI had hardly brought, could the TT on the market FOR EACH to DESIGN some modifications be already broken in. Now there is the full operation from flax garden as consulting. Because beside chassis and engine there is now additionally a complete optics package, better brakes, a 4-Rohr-Edelstahl to sport exhaust and 20-Zöller.
Powerfully pressure makes FOR EACH DESIGN for that 2.0 litre TFSI engine. The turbo- Benziner brings it after a change to the motor control on approximately 180 KW of 244 HP with 5.100 rpm (series: 147 KW of 200 HP). The standard 280 Nm increase on 355 and provide for clearly better elasticity values. Completely besides the TT full 247 km/h may run (series: 240). Naturally customers may count also on a better acceleration. From 0-100 the TT of FOR EACH DESIGN wins six tenths and reaches the magic mark now in 6 seconds. The price for the anabole cure: Fr. 2.750. Of course the engine fulfills then still the outer regulations. Besides supplies FOR EACH DESIGN the increase in output with TÜV Teilegutachten. 244 HP are not from bad parents, but FOR EACH DESIGN prepares already the next hammer. Because in preparation is a straight compressor kit for the 3,2 Liter-V6, from which the Leingartener Tuner will draw Porsche killende 350 HP.
Optics and sound Tuning
To more pronounced face courses, which create place on the left trace, help FOR EACH DESIGN the TT with a two-piece Bugspoiler (Fr. 663), whose is installed both parts on the left and on the right to the front. Too these components the cross connection manufactures and obtains suitable spoiler lip in the Karbonlook (Fr. 188), a breath of engine haven. In the back blocks FOR EACH DESIGN a diffuser employment in the Carbonlook (Fr. 663), meant for use with a FOR EACH DESIGN 4-Rohr-Edelstahl final muffler (Fr. 1,699), which provides particularly with 3.2 Liter-V6-Motor for sporty sound. In addition, the 2,0 TFSI version can be equipped with it. Of course the final muffler with EEC permission is supplied. The diffuser employment gives it alternatively also in a standard design (Fr. 568) in car color or contrasting color to be painted can.
A December duck tail spoiler lip (Fr. 473) for lift decrease rounds the again arranged tail opinion off. All aerodynamics components were designed by CAD. Perfect a register accuracy can be guaranteed thereby. The front spoiler corners, as well as the tail spoiler lip are manufactured from high-quality PU-material, the diffuser employment made of abs plastic.
Chassis, brakes and new wheels
A setting lower set (Fr. 378) shifts the emphasis of the TT (front wheel drive and Quattro) by 30 mm downward and makes the Coupé substantially more agiler. The setting lower set fits also to vehicles with Magnetic Ride system (MRS). Continues to go, the höhenverstellbare thread chassis for Fr. Fr. 1,825, adapted by FOR EACH DESIGN for the TT, which makes a still better handling for all TT-versions possible.
Who the FOR EACH DESIGN TT somewhat more quickly to move wants, the 4-Kolben-Sportbremsanlage of the dimension 330 x is 28 mm recommended to that, which ensure a better delay for Fr. 3,798. FOR EACH DESIGN offers it including punched brake disks, brake pliers, holding, attachments, sport linings, Stahlflexleitungen and TÜV Teilegutachten.
Fahrzeugtuning always runs out last end on new, more attractive wheels. FOR EACH DESIGN offers a large, forged wheel in 8,5x20 “ET 35 and execution “super to 20 tariff as the largest and naturally best looking option polished”, alternatively also as complete wheel set with tyre 245/30R20Y (Fr. 8,730). 10 x are in addition, alternative 18 “- (model “Visage”) and 19 “- wheels with 245/35R19Y (model “Multispoke”, in Shadow Silver or chrome Look) in the offer. Like that or like that is the TT with the FOR EACH DESIGN wheels well “besohlt”. The complete program is available naturally also for the new AUDI TT Roadster.

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