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Mercedes Benz C-class (2007)

Security, comfort, Agilität: With these outstanding characteristics the new C-class rolls to the start. The sedan is characterised by a versatile product concept, which corresponds to expectations of different customer target groups. With AVANT-GARDE, ELEGANCE and CLASSIC offer 3 individual models, which set accents depending upon development with the comfort or with the Agilität to Mercedes Benz. Also newest technical maximum performances are common to all model variants beside the Mercedes typical driving culture. In addition for example the AGILITY control package with situation-suitable shock absorber regulation, intelligently the Light system with 5 different light functions as well as the PRE SAFE® system with preventive preventive measures for the passengers belong. To the selection stand four and six cylinder engines, which carry more out up to 13 per cent than in the predecessor model and up to 6 per cent less fuel use.

The sedan is longer with 4.581 millimeters of 55 millimeters than the predecessor model. The width of the body becomes larger around 42 to 1.770 millimeters and the wheel base around 45 to 2.760 millimeters. The conditions for a generous available space create this mass and thus for still more space comfort. The front shoulder area is for example 40 millimeters larger than so far.

The Design of the new C-class is based on the modern Mercedes stylistic idiom, which reflects the technical sovereignty of the automobiles with the star by the interrelation of tautly pulled lines with large calm surfaces. With the C-class also the clear sweep expresses typical characteristics to the front portion such as Agilität and readiness to perform. For the first time the radiator mask serves in the case of a Mercedes sedan as registration number, in order to position the model variants more clearly. Thus 3 horizontal long stretched lamellas coin/shape and a large, centrically arranged Mercedes star the appearance of the model AVANT-GARDE, which shows thereby traditional Design elements of sporty Mercedes models. In interaction with the sportily coined/shaped equipment this Design element underlines the recent, agilen appearance of this C-class. By the sport package AMG, which gestylte among other things saliently front and tail aprons and Seitenschwellerverkleidungen contained, the sportive appearance leaves itself still stronger betonen.´

With the model ELEGANCE uses Mercedes Benz a three-dimensional formed, high gloss painted lamella radiator mask and stresses thereby different mark-typical attributes such as comfort and luxury. As CLASSIC the new C-class appears consciously reserved and traditional, offers however the same technical innovations of the two other model variants.

With these “product in products” - Mercedes customers can set conception individual accents and co-ordinate the C-class still more clearly than so far with its personal taste and life-style. The Mercedes typical driving culture and the unusual driving experience are common to all models, which owing to technology improved again are obtained. Thus the C-class sets both by its outstanding long-distance comfort and by their dynamic handling new yardsticks in this market segment.

Shock absorbers adapt to the driving conditions automatically

AGILITY CONTROL - under this term Mercedes Benz places all new and advancements, which improve comfort and Agilität equally. To this standard package belongs the AGILITY control chassis, which regulates the forces of the shock absorbers depending upon driving conditions: In the case of normal driving fashion and small suggestion of the shock absorbers are reduced automatically the absorber forces, which affects the unreeling comfort noticeably - without losses at driving safety. With dynamic driving fashion however the maximum absorbing strength adjusts itself and the car is effectively stabilized.

The AGILITY control steering element of the new C-class works with a ratio of 14,5 and is thus 6 per cent more directly than the steering of the predecessor model. The likewise contained AGILITY control circuit corresponds to the sportiven character of the C-class by short ways and precise guidance.

Beyond that Mercedes Benz developed the ADVANCED AGILITY package with sport driving mode, which will when desired be available starting from autumn 2007. It offers two switching programs to the driver to the selection: Sport and comfort. Within these switching programs a stepless electronic regulation of the shock absorbers takes place for each wheel. Besides are contained of the driving pedal characteristic and the switching points of the automatic transmission a again developed, a more directly translated parameter steering element with variable center centring as well as an adjustment in the package.

ADAPTIVE BRAKE is a further new development in the area of the chassis technology. It be based on the technology of the S-class and offers additional Assistenzfunktionen for still more security and comfort. Examples of it are the starting assistance for upward gradients, the Vorfüllen of the brake assembly in critical situations and pumping the brake disks dry on wet roads.

Achievement of the four-cylinder compressor engines rises over up to 13 per cent

With a considerable achievement plus of up to 13 per cent and a torque increase of approximately 18 per cent also the engines coin/shape the drivingactive character of the new C-class. The four and six cylinder are not only characterised by spontaneous force development, but also contribute by improved quiet running to the high travelling comfort of the sedan.

Special attention dedicated Mercedes Benz to the advancement of the four-cylinder engines. With the Benzinern the achievement of the basis model C 180 COMPRESSOR from so far 105 KW of 143 HP rises to 115 KW of 156 HP, the maximum torque improves by 4,5 per cent of 220 to 230 Newtonmeters.

C 200 COMPRESSOR goes to stronger engine with 15 KW of 20 HP to the start. It carries 184 HP for 135 KW out and achieves starting from 2.800/min a maximum passage strength of 250 Newtonmeters. With these modified engines the road performances and values consumed of the four-cylinder models improve clearly. During the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h C 200 COMPRESSOR is 0.5 seconds faster than the predecessor model.

The results are just as remarkable with the fuel consumption: C 180 COMPRESSOR used up on 100 kilometers of 0.3 litres premium fuel less than so far, with C 200 COMPRESSOR sinks the combined fuel consumption by 0,5 litres per 100 of kilometers.

Fuel consumption of the CDI Vierzylinder sinks by 0,3 litres

Also with the diesel engines the advancement of the four-cylinders was located in the center. Engine, turbochargers and Common Rail Direkteinspritzung again improved Stuttgart engineers and over 90 construction units modified. By this massnahmenpaket new C carries 11 per cent for 200 CDI out more than the predecessor model: 100 KW of 136 HP instead of so far 90 KW of 122 HP. C 220 CDI develops a maximum performance of 125 kW/170 HP (so far: ) and a passage strength of 400 Newtonmeters unfolds 110 KW of 150 HP - approximately 18 per cent more than so far starting from 2000/min. The fuel consumption sinks over up to 0,3 litres per 100 of kilometers: C 200 CDI and C 220 CDI drive in the European operating cycle (NEFZ) with only in each case 6.1 litres fuel 100 kilometers far.

The modern V6-Motoren remains unchanged in the program of the C-class. To the selection Benziner with 150 KW of 204 HP, 170 KW of 231 HP and 200 KW of 272 HP stand for 3. The six cylinder of new C 320 CDI carries 224 HP for 165 KW out. With exception of C 350 all models of the new C-class keep a six-course transmission with AGILITY control circuit standard. The Topmodell C 350 drives in series with 7G-TRONIC, to the world-wide singular filter course automatic transmission, from the assembly line. It is available when desired also for the other six cylinder models of the C-class.

Newest Mercedes inventions offer highest security

In the context of its development the new C-class existed altogether over 100 Crashtests. Among them were also the particularly fastidious, company-owned crash tests, whose requirements go the partially far beyond legal conditions. It to exist is a condition, in order to receive the highest descriptor of auto+mobile security: the Mercedes star.

An intelligently designed body, which consists to 70 per cent of high-strength and ultrahigh-firm steel grades, forms the basis of the passenger protection. In relation to the predecessor model Mercedes Benz again increased the deformation zones and continued to optimize the force river. The new C-class has in the front structure four from each other independent impact levels, over which forces can be distributed wide and led past the passenger space.

In the interior the safety engineering is completed by most modern protective systems. 7 Airbags belong to the standard: two adaptive Airbags for drivers and front seat passenger, a Kneebag for the driver, 2 Sidebags in the front backrests as well as 2 wide Windowbags, which stretch themselves with the Seitenaufprall from the A to the C-column.

In addition in series belt-taut and belt force limiters are available for drivers, front seat passengers and the rear passengers on the outside seats. The standard head restraints work after the NECK pro principle: With the Heckaufprall the pad surfaces are forward pushed millisecond fast, in order to catch the heads by driver and front seat passenger promptly. Thus the risk of a centrifuge trauma can be reduced.

As important contribution for the avoidance of rear end collisions Mercedes Benz developed flashing brake lights. They belong likewise to the standard of the new C-class. If the driver must brake at a speed of more than 50 km/h strongly, the brake lights flash fast and warn following drivers.

PRE SAFE® is a further characteristic of the new Mercedes sedan. The preventive passenger protective system (desire equipment) is linked with driving safety systems such as ESP® and brake assistant and can already recognize critical driving maneuvers in the beginning. If the C-class threatens to have an accident by violent under and/or overriding or if the driver must brake with danger very strongly, activate PRE SAFE® as a precaution measures, in order to prepare passengers and car for a threatening accident. With it the phase of passive passenger car security already begins not only in the case of the impact, but before a threatening collision.

For the first time in this Fahrzeugklasse of Mercedes Benz also developed intelligently Light is system available. Bright Bi-xenon-headlights make 5 different light functions possible, which are co-ordinated with typical driving and weather situations: Highway light, motorway light, extended nebula light, active curve light and bending light. Thus Mercedes Benz makes a further important contribution to driving safety with poor visibility.

Interieur presents itself in the “Design from a casting”

With the organization of the cockpit the Mercedes designers oriented themselves at sporty models and drew clear round instruments, as one finds her also in Roadstern or Coupés. Silver Skalenringe, black dials, white characters and orange shining pointers bring form and function - speak: high value seeming and good clarity - perfectly to each other.

Just as cleared up and clearly arranged present themselves the two-colored instrument panel and the center console, which form in the new C-class a graceful designed unit and so to the requirement “Design from a casting” correspond. That applies also to the integration of the colored indicator display within the upper central range of the instrument panel. Here it lies on the one hand well in the field of vision of the driver, can if necessary in addition, or be away-folded, without switching the car radio, the navigation system or other devices off, which are coupled with the display. If the tiltable cover over the display subject is closed, the Infotainmentgeräte continues working.

New control concept provides for clarity and comfort

The middle color display is part of a new serving and indicator concept, which take over the new C-class of the Mercedes Topmodellen. Its substantial plus is the fast access to frequently used functions. Therefore the driver must not reorient one's opinion, can its habits maintained and gets along immediately. All serving and display elements important necessary for the travel and are in the cockpit, thus in direct proximity of the driver.

Likewise the connection of the standard Multifunktions Lenkrads with the combination instrument creates an important condition for the fast access to a multiplicity of information and functions, which the driver has directly before eyes. Other functions, like for example the Infotainment, are represented on the display in the center of the instrument panel. Drivers and front seat passengers can steer car radio, navigation system or telephone assistance of a CONTROLLER on the frame tunnel or call the main menues by keys for direct call.

COMAND APS offers language operation, music server and DVD navigation

With the devices audio 20, audio 50 APS and COMAND APS stand for the Infotainment of the C-class-passengers when desired three newly developed devices to the selection. All offer among other things a keyboard to the input of telephone numbers and radio frequencies as well as Bluetooth interface, which connect mobile phone wirelessly with the free intercom. With the audio 50 APS appear the references to the route guidance - partial with graphically attractive crossing zoom shot - as arrow representations on the being certain color display (4.9 tariff) in the instrument panel. When desired an integrated sixfold DVD change-over switch and the language operation are available LINGUATRONIC.

The Mutlimedia system COMAND APS offers more functions than so far in the new C-class still. A European-wide navigation system, whose data on non removable disk (30 gigabyte, is new) are stored. The highly soluble map display appears on a color display (7 tariff) in the instrument panel, which away-swivels on depressing the key and disappears under a cover. Beyond that contain COMAND APS among other things a music server with 4 gigabyte storage volume, a DVD player for video and audio as well as the language operation LINGUATRONIC, which likewise developed Mercedes Benz further: The driver must city and street names land, local or street names any longer not spell, but can as a whole word speak. The language operation is just as comfortable when calling Radiosendern or entries from the telephone directory.

C-class is the best-seller in the Mercedes program

The sedan of the new C-class replaces a predecessor model, which was sold for spring 2000 over 1.4 million time. Altogether Mercedes Benz of the past C-class delivered over two million sedans, T-models and sport coupés at customers in all parts of the earth. The C-class is thereby the best-seller in the passenger car program of the Stuttgart automobile mark. With approximately 30 per cent of the world-wide paragraph Germany is the largest market for the C-class-models.

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