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Alfa Romeo Spider (2007)

Like no other automobile the new Alfa Spider stands for Italian Sinnlichkeit and dynamics. The rassige two-seater seizes the proud history of its ancestors up lineally up to the “Duetto” 1600 Spider mentioned of 1966 goes back - and carries the salient style elements of the classical author into the modern trend. Already at first sight fascinates the Alfa Spider with a breath-robbing Design, which expresses a dragging along tension and determination with strong lines and clear stylistic idiom. Thus developed a singular Premium Roadster with an unmistakable character, which is considered already today as a classical author from tomorrow.

The new Alfa Spider is based on the 2+2-sitzigen Sportcoupé Alfa Brera. The open two-seater in traditionally close co-operation between the center of styles Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina was sketched. The Italian Carossier has responsibility San Giorgio Canavese at its location with Turin also for production. With an external length of 4.39 meters the generously cut Cabriolet is shorter around two centimeters than the Alfa Brera, wheel base (2.53 meters) and width (1.83 meters) are identical. Also in the height (1.34 meters) the Alfa Spider corresponds to the flat ducked Alfa Brera. At the beginning of of 2006 the Coupé come on the market is considered world-wide as one of the most beautiful sports cars last year. The new Alfa Spider transfers this requirement now into the segment of the open sports cars.

Therefore likewise identically: the schnörkellose organization of the salient front portion, which lends a particularly self-confident appearance to the sporty Italian. Most salient style element is here once more the perpendicularly standing radiator grille. The full-chromium-plated Scudetto was reduced as characteristic style element of all Alfa Spider to its unmistakable basic form and provided with four lateral ribs. Its special tension refers the style element from two body karosseriesicken elegantly forward of the curved hood, so characteristic of the Alfa Spider. These rise from the roots of the A-columns, intensify themselves almost energy-loaded forward and literally bring the swept adjustment the front portion on the point. Not less prominent the mark coat of arms of Alfa Romeo exceeds over the upper end of the Scudetto, where it catches a fine forming out of the hood.

Two long stretched, trapezoidal radiator grille halves set the chrome sign in of on the left and on the right. They are partitioned horizontal by a fine trim, which of the chrome bumper of the “Duetto” (1966 - 1969) reminds. In each case three round headlight, whose diameter increases from the inside outward easily, sharpen the penetrating view the Alfa Spider and provide for sovereigns view. They illuminate optionally also with Bi-xenon-technology the way. The lower half of the smooth, completely bumper painted in car color is coined/shaped by a generous air intake. It refers its tapered form by two solid Finns, who in each case leave area for a further opening on the exteriors still, in whom also the fog headlights is accommodated.

The taillights of the sporty Italian quote the Raubtier Look of the main headlights: The circular individual components set in by an edge of chrome possess a larger diameter, the further outside they are platziert under the common cover. The finely accented bumper inserts itself completely into the harmonious body form. Below the characteristic integrated into the tail apron is a darkly set off diffuser opening, which generates additional drift in the engine haven by the so-called “Groundeffect”. Four chromium-plated exhaust final pipes on, the fact wise on the left and on the right of it, that it acts with the new Alfa Spider around an automobile with sporty requirement.

The special dynamics with its debut on that Geneva automobile salon to the “Cabrio of the yearly 2006” gekürten Alfa Spider reflect themselves also in the dynamic side portion. It is characterised by the comparatively elongated hood in combination with the dynamic swung lines of the rear fenders, which remind at the ancestors from the 60's. A salient shoulder line, which entwächst the flared wings and reaches up to the tail, at the same time forms a fine reminiscence to the salient body karosseriesicke, which was considered as characteristic of the flank Spider 1600. Characteristic for the silhouette of the open Roadsters are also the overroll bars, which adapt to the seats harmoniously and provide for additional protection. As small scoops take up behind it so-called “Cups” the form of the head restraints and let them into the roof cover flow harmoniously. When desired a transparent wind bulkhead (series starting from equipment level “exclusive one”) between the overroll bars reduces air turbulences while driving.

Like its historical models, also the new Alfa Spider sets on a classical material-covers. It consists of a multilevel external situation and a particularly sound-absorbing textile inside. The rear window consists of glass and is heatable. As basic construction serve stealing and aluminum elbows, which lock properly matching with the windshield upper edge. This provides also with closed roof for a harmonious silhouette and creates a form-completed appearance, which corresponds to the high requirement for Design May countries of the car manufacturer. Numerous detailed solutions like for example the special channels of the side windows reduce wind noises also at high speeds and improve the acoustic comfort.

The electrohydraulically completely concealable cover opens and closes with standing vehicle and tightened emergency brake by push of a button fully automatic. Manual Ent or locking is void. The material roof folds in the open condition into a separate stowage box behind the seats, without limiting the generously measured trunk volume (253 litres, plus 106 litres in the comparison to the predecessor).

Body and cover

The new Alfa Spider captivates by high-quality processing and material quality. The Premium Roadster is based just like the sister model Alfa Brera on the ultramodern understructure of the Alfa 159. The fact that it possesses already constructionally all conditions, in order to fulfill highest requirements, reflects itself exemplary in the high bending and twisting rigidity of the two-door body. It is the basic condition for the exemplary driving dynamics as well as the convincing comfort characteristics of the sporty two-seater. She draws at the same time responsible for high register accuracy in production just as as for the avoidance of annoying noises. Thus precise body transitions reduce for example disturbing wind noises. Additional sound reduction index-taken provide for their part for pleasantly calm acoustics in the Interieur.

The new Alfa Spider within the range of passive security fulfills strictest Crashtest standards. Its again developed chassis, the particularly crash resistant body and most modern support systems offer optimum passenger protection with a front, a side and a Heckaufprall. The deformation behavior of the Cabriolets profits to the employment of so-called “Tailored blanks” from complex constructional measures as for instance - precisely computed metal structures, which strengthen the vehicle structure exactly owing to their custom-made dimensioning purposefully, where it is in favor of optimal Crash characteristics meaningful and necessary. The high-resistant safety cell consists absorbing load paths of crosswise and perpendicularly with one another rigid connected box elements, energy in the front range as well as side members, which extend over the entire vehicle flank. The rigidity of the body profits additionally from most modern laser welding technology. Besides the number of spotwelds at structure-relevant junctions was again optimized.

Also with the support systems the Italian enterprise fell back to avant-garde technologies. Thus the new Alfa Spider possesses already ex factory five Airbags in series: Beside in two stages releasing Frontairbags with generously measured volumes of 60 litres on the driver as well as to 120 litres on the front seat passenger side Seitenairbags belong in the backrests - they independently of the Körperstatur, seating position or seat position additional protection for the basin and chest range of the two passengers offer - likewise to it like an innovative Knieairbag in the lower range of the instrument panel. This protection cushion, which is available for the front seat passenger side optionally also, protects knees and legs in the case of a frontal impact injuries. A special releasing mechanism for the Pedalerie reduces besides the danger of injuries in the floor area.

The Airbags steered from one in the center console platzierten computer unit, which processes the information of special Crashsensoren. She adapts the release of the protection cushions accordingly and regulates co-ordinated with it the employment of the belt-taut. In the B-column are the sensors for the activation of the twelve litres of seizing Seitenairbags, which get along with half of the amount of filling, which would need comparably effective Airbags in the doors.

With an estimate the passengers can trust the purposefully strengthened coaming and the two being certain overroll bars behind the head restraints. An ISO fixed attachment for a child seat on the front seat passenger side rounds the complex passive safety system of the Italian Roadsters off.

That cover the new Alfa Spider in the detail:

Alfa Romeo decided with the development consciously of the Alfa Spider and from completely practical considerations for the continuation of the material roof tradition. Thus for example with opened cover the trunk volume in keinster way limited. The specialists from Milan at the same time perfected the Softtop not only regarding optics, aerodynamics and noise comfort, but also under functional criteria. This reflects itself in particularly designed gears, which make a particularly simple, rapid and safe opening and reasoning possible.

Just as durable as light covering rack, which consists of stealing and aluminum elbows, lets a continuous, harmoniously silhouette with flowing forms, corresponding with the body, develop with closed roof. That cover consists of two layers: For the upper layer a with difficulty inflammable material comes to the employment, for the inside a sound-absorbing textile. To the further measures, which minimize wind noises also at high speed, for example particularly formed out channels of the side windows belong. Both with open and with closed cover profits the travelling comfort of the Alfa Spider besides from the unusual twisting rigidity of the body, which excludes disturbing natural frequencies.

A depressing the key with vehicle stop and tightened emergency brake is sufficient, in order to activate the electronically regulated covering mechanism. Against to strong air turbulences in the interior a transparent wind bulkhead protects reliably, which is clamped between the two overroll bars and which travel comfort improves again.

Interior and trunk

Fascinating Design, thought ergonomics out, high-quality processed and in noble materials such as chrome, leather or aluminum implemented details - the Interieur of the new Alfa Spider embodies Italian elegance in pure culture and corresponds thereby to the Premium requirement of the May countries tradition mark. The graceful designed Roadster combines optimized control components in styleful way with classical elements, which quote from the extensive history of the Alfa Spider. In addition count for example the circular speedometers and tachometer set in by chrome rings or the organization of the center console likewise coined/shaped by round forms.

The swung cockpit moves the driver into the center and grants it optimum control of all functions. The top side of the instrument panel takes - as already from the Urahn of the Alfa Spider admits - the cylindrical form of the clocks. Center console and trim are characterised by particularly wertige surfaces: in the Alfa Spider in titanium optics, with the Alfa Spider exclusive ones even in aluminum. This motive for Design reflects itself in the spokes of the sporty Ledervolants and the control keys decorated by chrome rings, which are to be found on the left and on the right the audio plant as well as the wide screen of the optional navigation system and in the controlling of the two-zone air conditioning system (series in the Alfa Spider exclusive ones). Aluminum elements zieren also the ergonomically formed Lederschaltknauf standard 6 of the course transmission, which can be served easy and precisely.

Well attainable in direct proximity of the Schaltknaufs and the fourwheel adjustable Lederlenkrads, which lead by its special three-spoke Design intuitively to the ideal steering wheel attitude, is the engine activate button. Multi-function keys for the radio operation belong in the Alfa Spider exclusive one already to the standard.

The sport seats of the Roadsters convince equally with comfortable upholstery and safe side stop. Seat support and back range carry the tube profile structure typical for Alfa Romeo, while the saliently minted side cheeks received an additional employment. In this way they remind optically of the process of belts of point of four, how they are used in running vehicles. The seats can be adjusted and made possible both in the height and in the inclination for drivers of most different Statur one equally perfect seating position. In the Alfa Spider exclusive one counts electrical seat adjustment as well as seat heating to the standard, in the basis model are optionally available these extras.

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