Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Each third car rides along to small air pressure

Each third passenger car in Germany is also to small air pressure in the tire on the way (initiative tire security, results of the action wash-out & check, 2006). After investigations of the tire manufacturer Continental the life span of the tire can reduce over up to 30 per cent when durable driving with a less pressure of only 0.3 bar. And the consequences can be quite dangerous: To small tire pressure extends the braking distances, the vehicle handling spongelike and straight at high speeds increases the probability of a tire burst.

0,3 bar less air jerk than recommended means 1.5% more fuel consumption

At the same time cars use also necessary for small tire pressure more fuel than: Over approximately one and a half per cent rises the thirst of a passenger car, if the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer around only 0.3 bar (thus round an eighth) actual that is fallen below with a passenger car of the middle class of on the average 16 litres annually. Also the avoidable delivery is annually increased by the higher fuel consumption by environmentalharmful CO2 by 38 kg for each passenger car. If one computes this increased CO2-Ausstoss for those approximately 33 per cent of the passenger cars driving into Germany with wrong air pressure, one comes annually on over 608.000 tons of CO2-Ausstoss, which would be easily avoidable. At the basis with the computation a passenger car with a consumption of 7,5 l fuel per 100 km and an annual output of 15.000 km was put. With approximately 46 million at present in Germany certified passenger cars are therefore 15.2 million of them also to small air pressure on the way.

“Who does regularly the tire pressure controlled, and to the environment a favour”, reminds Björn Bolze, director/conductor of the company customer service tire of Continental. “Simultaneous comes one so the creeping air pressure loss, e.g. by a brought in nail or a defective valve, well on the trace.” It recommends therefore control every two weeks or after each refuelling - for sake security sake, the environment and the own purse. Control should be made, if the tire is still cold.

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