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Mercedes Benz C-class (2007)

Security, comfort, Agilität: With these outstanding characteristics the new C-class rolls to the start. The sedan is characterised by a versatile product concept, which corresponds to expectations of different customer target groups. With AVANT-GARDE, ELEGANCE and CLASSIC offer 3 individual models, which set accents depending upon development with the comfort or with the Agilität to Mercedes Benz. Also newest technical maximum performances are common to all model variants beside the Mercedes typical driving culture. In addition for example the AGILITY control package with situation-suitable shock absorber regulation, intelligently the Light system with 5 different light functions as well as the PRE SAFE® system with preventive preventive measures for the passengers belong. To the selection stand four and six cylinder engines, which carry more out up to 13 per cent than in the predecessor model and up to 6 per cent less fuel use.

The sedan is longer with 4.581 millimeters of 55 millimeters than the predecessor model. The width of the body becomes larger around 42 to 1.770 millimeters and the wheel base around 45 to 2.760 millimeters. The conditions for a generous available space create this mass and thus for still more space comfort. The front shoulder area is for example 40 millimeters larger than so far.

The Design of the new C-class is based on the modern Mercedes stylistic idiom, which reflects the technical sovereignty of the automobiles with the star by the interrelation of tautly pulled lines with large calm surfaces. With the C-class also the clear sweep expresses typical characteristics to the front portion such as Agilität and readiness to perform. For the first time the radiator mask serves in the case of a Mercedes sedan as registration number, in order to position the model variants more clearly. Thus 3 horizontal long stretched lamellas coin/shape and a large, centrically arranged Mercedes star the appearance of the model AVANT-GARDE, which shows thereby traditional Design elements of sporty Mercedes models. In interaction with the sportily coined/shaped equipment this Design element underlines the recent, agilen appearance of this C-class. By the sport package AMG, which gestylte among other things saliently front and tail aprons and Seitenschwellerverkleidungen contained, the sportive appearance leaves itself still stronger betonen.´

With the model ELEGANCE uses Mercedes Benz a three-dimensional formed, high gloss painted lamella radiator mask and stresses thereby different mark-typical attributes such as comfort and luxury. As CLASSIC the new C-class appears consciously reserved and traditional, offers however the same technical innovations of the two other model variants.

With these “product in products” - Mercedes customers can set conception individual accents and co-ordinate the C-class still more clearly than so far with its personal taste and life-style. The Mercedes typical driving culture and the unusual driving experience are common to all models, which owing to technology improved again are obtained. Thus the C-class sets both by its outstanding long-distance comfort and by their dynamic handling new yardsticks in this market segment.

Shock absorbers adapt to the driving conditions automatically

AGILITY CONTROL - under this term Mercedes Benz places all new and advancements, which improve comfort and Agilität equally. To this standard package belongs the AGILITY control chassis, which regulates the forces of the shock absorbers depending upon driving conditions: In the case of normal driving fashion and small suggestion of the shock absorbers are reduced automatically the absorber forces, which affects the unreeling comfort noticeably - without losses at driving safety. With dynamic driving fashion however the maximum absorbing strength adjusts itself and the car is effectively stabilized.

The AGILITY control steering element of the new C-class works with a ratio of 14,5 and is thus 6 per cent more directly than the steering of the predecessor model. The likewise contained AGILITY control circuit corresponds to the sportiven character of the C-class by short ways and precise guidance.

Beyond that Mercedes Benz developed the ADVANCED AGILITY package with sport driving mode, which will when desired be available starting from autumn 2007. It offers two switching programs to the driver to the selection: Sport and comfort. Within these switching programs a stepless electronic regulation of the shock absorbers takes place for each wheel. Besides are contained of the driving pedal characteristic and the switching points of the automatic transmission a again developed, a more directly translated parameter steering element with variable center centring as well as an adjustment in the package.

ADAPTIVE BRAKE is a further new development in the area of the chassis technology. It be based on the technology of the S-class and offers additional Assistenzfunktionen for still more security and comfort. Examples of it are the starting assistance for upward gradients, the Vorfüllen of the brake assembly in critical situations and pumping the brake disks dry on wet roads.

Achievement of the four-cylinder compressor engines rises over up to 13 per cent

With a considerable achievement plus of up to 13 per cent and a torque increase of approximately 18 per cent also the engines coin/shape the drivingactive character of the new C-class. The four and six cylinder are not only characterised by spontaneous force development, but also contribute by improved quiet running to the high travelling comfort of the sedan.

Special attention dedicated Mercedes Benz to the advancement of the four-cylinder engines. With the Benzinern the achievement of the basis model C 180 COMPRESSOR from so far 105 KW of 143 HP rises to 115 KW of 156 HP, the maximum torque improves by 4,5 per cent of 220 to 230 Newtonmeters.

C 200 COMPRESSOR goes to stronger engine with 15 KW of 20 HP to the start. It carries 184 HP for 135 KW out and achieves starting from 2.800/min a maximum passage strength of 250 Newtonmeters. With these modified engines the road performances and values consumed of the four-cylinder models improve clearly. During the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h C 200 COMPRESSOR is 0.5 seconds faster than the predecessor model.

The results are just as remarkable with the fuel consumption: C 180 COMPRESSOR used up on 100 kilometers of 0.3 litres premium fuel less than so far, with C 200 COMPRESSOR sinks the combined fuel consumption by 0,5 litres per 100 of kilometers.

Fuel consumption of the CDI Vierzylinder sinks by 0,3 litres

Also with the diesel engines the advancement of the four-cylinders was located in the center. Engine, turbochargers and Common Rail Direkteinspritzung again improved Stuttgart engineers and over 90 construction units modified. By this massnahmenpaket new C carries 11 per cent for 200 CDI out more than the predecessor model: 100 KW of 136 HP instead of so far 90 KW of 122 HP. C 220 CDI develops a maximum performance of 125 kW/170 HP (so far: ) and a passage strength of 400 Newtonmeters unfolds 110 KW of 150 HP - approximately 18 per cent more than so far starting from 2000/min. The fuel consumption sinks over up to 0,3 litres per 100 of kilometers: C 200 CDI and C 220 CDI drive in the European operating cycle (NEFZ) with only in each case 6.1 litres fuel 100 kilometers far.

The modern V6-Motoren remains unchanged in the program of the C-class. To the selection Benziner with 150 KW of 204 HP, 170 KW of 231 HP and 200 KW of 272 HP stand for 3. The six cylinder of new C 320 CDI carries 224 HP for 165 KW out. With exception of C 350 all models of the new C-class keep a six-course transmission with AGILITY control circuit standard. The Topmodell C 350 drives in series with 7G-TRONIC, to the world-wide singular filter course automatic transmission, from the assembly line. It is available when desired also for the other six cylinder models of the C-class.

Newest Mercedes inventions offer highest security

In the context of its development the new C-class existed altogether over 100 Crashtests. Among them were also the particularly fastidious, company-owned crash tests, whose requirements go the partially far beyond legal conditions. It to exist is a condition, in order to receive the highest descriptor of auto+mobile security: the Mercedes star.

An intelligently designed body, which consists to 70 per cent of high-strength and ultrahigh-firm steel grades, forms the basis of the passenger protection. In relation to the predecessor model Mercedes Benz again increased the deformation zones and continued to optimize the force river. The new C-class has in the front structure four from each other independent impact levels, over which forces can be distributed wide and led past the passenger space.

In the interior the safety engineering is completed by most modern protective systems. 7 Airbags belong to the standard: two adaptive Airbags for drivers and front seat passenger, a Kneebag for the driver, 2 Sidebags in the front backrests as well as 2 wide Windowbags, which stretch themselves with the Seitenaufprall from the A to the C-column.

In addition in series belt-taut and belt force limiters are available for drivers, front seat passengers and the rear passengers on the outside seats. The standard head restraints work after the NECK pro principle: With the Heckaufprall the pad surfaces are forward pushed millisecond fast, in order to catch the heads by driver and front seat passenger promptly. Thus the risk of a centrifuge trauma can be reduced.

As important contribution for the avoidance of rear end collisions Mercedes Benz developed flashing brake lights. They belong likewise to the standard of the new C-class. If the driver must brake at a speed of more than 50 km/h strongly, the brake lights flash fast and warn following drivers.

PRE SAFE® is a further characteristic of the new Mercedes sedan. The preventive passenger protective system (desire equipment) is linked with driving safety systems such as ESP® and brake assistant and can already recognize critical driving maneuvers in the beginning. If the C-class threatens to have an accident by violent under and/or overriding or if the driver must brake with danger very strongly, activate PRE SAFE® as a precaution measures, in order to prepare passengers and car for a threatening accident. With it the phase of passive passenger car security already begins not only in the case of the impact, but before a threatening collision.

For the first time in this Fahrzeugklasse of Mercedes Benz also developed intelligently Light is system available. Bright Bi-xenon-headlights make 5 different light functions possible, which are co-ordinated with typical driving and weather situations: Highway light, motorway light, extended nebula light, active curve light and bending light. Thus Mercedes Benz makes a further important contribution to driving safety with poor visibility.

Interieur presents itself in the “Design from a casting”

With the organization of the cockpit the Mercedes designers oriented themselves at sporty models and drew clear round instruments, as one finds her also in Roadstern or Coupés. Silver Skalenringe, black dials, white characters and orange shining pointers bring form and function - speak: high value seeming and good clarity - perfectly to each other.

Just as cleared up and clearly arranged present themselves the two-colored instrument panel and the center console, which form in the new C-class a graceful designed unit and so to the requirement “Design from a casting” correspond. That applies also to the integration of the colored indicator display within the upper central range of the instrument panel. Here it lies on the one hand well in the field of vision of the driver, can if necessary in addition, or be away-folded, without switching the car radio, the navigation system or other devices off, which are coupled with the display. If the tiltable cover over the display subject is closed, the Infotainmentgeräte continues working.

New control concept provides for clarity and comfort

The middle color display is part of a new serving and indicator concept, which take over the new C-class of the Mercedes Topmodellen. Its substantial plus is the fast access to frequently used functions. Therefore the driver must not reorient one's opinion, can its habits maintained and gets along immediately. All serving and display elements important necessary for the travel and are in the cockpit, thus in direct proximity of the driver.

Likewise the connection of the standard Multifunktions Lenkrads with the combination instrument creates an important condition for the fast access to a multiplicity of information and functions, which the driver has directly before eyes. Other functions, like for example the Infotainment, are represented on the display in the center of the instrument panel. Drivers and front seat passengers can steer car radio, navigation system or telephone assistance of a CONTROLLER on the frame tunnel or call the main menues by keys for direct call.

COMAND APS offers language operation, music server and DVD navigation

With the devices audio 20, audio 50 APS and COMAND APS stand for the Infotainment of the C-class-passengers when desired three newly developed devices to the selection. All offer among other things a keyboard to the input of telephone numbers and radio frequencies as well as Bluetooth interface, which connect mobile phone wirelessly with the free intercom. With the audio 50 APS appear the references to the route guidance - partial with graphically attractive crossing zoom shot - as arrow representations on the being certain color display (4.9 tariff) in the instrument panel. When desired an integrated sixfold DVD change-over switch and the language operation are available LINGUATRONIC.

The Mutlimedia system COMAND APS offers more functions than so far in the new C-class still. A European-wide navigation system, whose data on non removable disk (30 gigabyte, is new) are stored. The highly soluble map display appears on a color display (7 tariff) in the instrument panel, which away-swivels on depressing the key and disappears under a cover. Beyond that contain COMAND APS among other things a music server with 4 gigabyte storage volume, a DVD player for video and audio as well as the language operation LINGUATRONIC, which likewise developed Mercedes Benz further: The driver must city and street names land, local or street names any longer not spell, but can as a whole word speak. The language operation is just as comfortable when calling Radiosendern or entries from the telephone directory.

C-class is the best-seller in the Mercedes program

The sedan of the new C-class replaces a predecessor model, which was sold for spring 2000 over 1.4 million time. Altogether Mercedes Benz of the past C-class delivered over two million sedans, T-models and sport coupés at customers in all parts of the earth. The C-class is thereby the best-seller in the passenger car program of the Stuttgart automobile mark. With approximately 30 per cent of the world-wide paragraph Germany is the largest market for the C-class-models.

Alfa Romeo Spider (2007)

Like no other automobile the new Alfa Spider stands for Italian Sinnlichkeit and dynamics. The rassige two-seater seizes the proud history of its ancestors up lineally up to the “Duetto” 1600 Spider mentioned of 1966 goes back - and carries the salient style elements of the classical author into the modern trend. Already at first sight fascinates the Alfa Spider with a breath-robbing Design, which expresses a dragging along tension and determination with strong lines and clear stylistic idiom. Thus developed a singular Premium Roadster with an unmistakable character, which is considered already today as a classical author from tomorrow.

The new Alfa Spider is based on the 2+2-sitzigen Sportcoupé Alfa Brera. The open two-seater in traditionally close co-operation between the center of styles Alfa Romeo and Pininfarina was sketched. The Italian Carossier has responsibility San Giorgio Canavese at its location with Turin also for production. With an external length of 4.39 meters the generously cut Cabriolet is shorter around two centimeters than the Alfa Brera, wheel base (2.53 meters) and width (1.83 meters) are identical. Also in the height (1.34 meters) the Alfa Spider corresponds to the flat ducked Alfa Brera. At the beginning of of 2006 the Coupé come on the market is considered world-wide as one of the most beautiful sports cars last year. The new Alfa Spider transfers this requirement now into the segment of the open sports cars.

Therefore likewise identically: the schnörkellose organization of the salient front portion, which lends a particularly self-confident appearance to the sporty Italian. Most salient style element is here once more the perpendicularly standing radiator grille. The full-chromium-plated Scudetto was reduced as characteristic style element of all Alfa Spider to its unmistakable basic form and provided with four lateral ribs. Its special tension refers the style element from two body karosseriesicken elegantly forward of the curved hood, so characteristic of the Alfa Spider. These rise from the roots of the A-columns, intensify themselves almost energy-loaded forward and literally bring the swept adjustment the front portion on the point. Not less prominent the mark coat of arms of Alfa Romeo exceeds over the upper end of the Scudetto, where it catches a fine forming out of the hood.

Two long stretched, trapezoidal radiator grille halves set the chrome sign in of on the left and on the right. They are partitioned horizontal by a fine trim, which of the chrome bumper of the “Duetto” (1966 - 1969) reminds. In each case three round headlight, whose diameter increases from the inside outward easily, sharpen the penetrating view the Alfa Spider and provide for sovereigns view. They illuminate optionally also with Bi-xenon-technology the way. The lower half of the smooth, completely bumper painted in car color is coined/shaped by a generous air intake. It refers its tapered form by two solid Finns, who in each case leave area for a further opening on the exteriors still, in whom also the fog headlights is accommodated.

The taillights of the sporty Italian quote the Raubtier Look of the main headlights: The circular individual components set in by an edge of chrome possess a larger diameter, the further outside they are platziert under the common cover. The finely accented bumper inserts itself completely into the harmonious body form. Below the characteristic integrated into the tail apron is a darkly set off diffuser opening, which generates additional drift in the engine haven by the so-called “Groundeffect”. Four chromium-plated exhaust final pipes on, the fact wise on the left and on the right of it, that it acts with the new Alfa Spider around an automobile with sporty requirement.

The special dynamics with its debut on that Geneva automobile salon to the “Cabrio of the yearly 2006” gekürten Alfa Spider reflect themselves also in the dynamic side portion. It is characterised by the comparatively elongated hood in combination with the dynamic swung lines of the rear fenders, which remind at the ancestors from the 60's. A salient shoulder line, which entwächst the flared wings and reaches up to the tail, at the same time forms a fine reminiscence to the salient body karosseriesicke, which was considered as characteristic of the flank Spider 1600. Characteristic for the silhouette of the open Roadsters are also the overroll bars, which adapt to the seats harmoniously and provide for additional protection. As small scoops take up behind it so-called “Cups” the form of the head restraints and let them into the roof cover flow harmoniously. When desired a transparent wind bulkhead (series starting from equipment level “exclusive one”) between the overroll bars reduces air turbulences while driving.

Like its historical models, also the new Alfa Spider sets on a classical material-covers. It consists of a multilevel external situation and a particularly sound-absorbing textile inside. The rear window consists of glass and is heatable. As basic construction serve stealing and aluminum elbows, which lock properly matching with the windshield upper edge. This provides also with closed roof for a harmonious silhouette and creates a form-completed appearance, which corresponds to the high requirement for Design May countries of the car manufacturer. Numerous detailed solutions like for example the special channels of the side windows reduce wind noises also at high speeds and improve the acoustic comfort.

The electrohydraulically completely concealable cover opens and closes with standing vehicle and tightened emergency brake by push of a button fully automatic. Manual Ent or locking is void. The material roof folds in the open condition into a separate stowage box behind the seats, without limiting the generously measured trunk volume (253 litres, plus 106 litres in the comparison to the predecessor).

Body and cover

The new Alfa Spider captivates by high-quality processing and material quality. The Premium Roadster is based just like the sister model Alfa Brera on the ultramodern understructure of the Alfa 159. The fact that it possesses already constructionally all conditions, in order to fulfill highest requirements, reflects itself exemplary in the high bending and twisting rigidity of the two-door body. It is the basic condition for the exemplary driving dynamics as well as the convincing comfort characteristics of the sporty two-seater. She draws at the same time responsible for high register accuracy in production just as as for the avoidance of annoying noises. Thus precise body transitions reduce for example disturbing wind noises. Additional sound reduction index-taken provide for their part for pleasantly calm acoustics in the Interieur.

The new Alfa Spider within the range of passive security fulfills strictest Crashtest standards. Its again developed chassis, the particularly crash resistant body and most modern support systems offer optimum passenger protection with a front, a side and a Heckaufprall. The deformation behavior of the Cabriolets profits to the employment of so-called “Tailored blanks” from complex constructional measures as for instance - precisely computed metal structures, which strengthen the vehicle structure exactly owing to their custom-made dimensioning purposefully, where it is in favor of optimal Crash characteristics meaningful and necessary. The high-resistant safety cell consists absorbing load paths of crosswise and perpendicularly with one another rigid connected box elements, energy in the front range as well as side members, which extend over the entire vehicle flank. The rigidity of the body profits additionally from most modern laser welding technology. Besides the number of spotwelds at structure-relevant junctions was again optimized.

Also with the support systems the Italian enterprise fell back to avant-garde technologies. Thus the new Alfa Spider possesses already ex factory five Airbags in series: Beside in two stages releasing Frontairbags with generously measured volumes of 60 litres on the driver as well as to 120 litres on the front seat passenger side Seitenairbags belong in the backrests - they independently of the Körperstatur, seating position or seat position additional protection for the basin and chest range of the two passengers offer - likewise to it like an innovative Knieairbag in the lower range of the instrument panel. This protection cushion, which is available for the front seat passenger side optionally also, protects knees and legs in the case of a frontal impact injuries. A special releasing mechanism for the Pedalerie reduces besides the danger of injuries in the floor area.

The Airbags steered from one in the center console platzierten computer unit, which processes the information of special Crashsensoren. She adapts the release of the protection cushions accordingly and regulates co-ordinated with it the employment of the belt-taut. In the B-column are the sensors for the activation of the twelve litres of seizing Seitenairbags, which get along with half of the amount of filling, which would need comparably effective Airbags in the doors.

With an estimate the passengers can trust the purposefully strengthened coaming and the two being certain overroll bars behind the head restraints. An ISO fixed attachment for a child seat on the front seat passenger side rounds the complex passive safety system of the Italian Roadsters off.

That cover the new Alfa Spider in the detail:

Alfa Romeo decided with the development consciously of the Alfa Spider and from completely practical considerations for the continuation of the material roof tradition. Thus for example with opened cover the trunk volume in keinster way limited. The specialists from Milan at the same time perfected the Softtop not only regarding optics, aerodynamics and noise comfort, but also under functional criteria. This reflects itself in particularly designed gears, which make a particularly simple, rapid and safe opening and reasoning possible.

Just as durable as light covering rack, which consists of stealing and aluminum elbows, lets a continuous, harmoniously silhouette with flowing forms, corresponding with the body, develop with closed roof. That cover consists of two layers: For the upper layer a with difficulty inflammable material comes to the employment, for the inside a sound-absorbing textile. To the further measures, which minimize wind noises also at high speed, for example particularly formed out channels of the side windows belong. Both with open and with closed cover profits the travelling comfort of the Alfa Spider besides from the unusual twisting rigidity of the body, which excludes disturbing natural frequencies.

A depressing the key with vehicle stop and tightened emergency brake is sufficient, in order to activate the electronically regulated covering mechanism. Against to strong air turbulences in the interior a transparent wind bulkhead protects reliably, which is clamped between the two overroll bars and which travel comfort improves again.

Interior and trunk

Fascinating Design, thought ergonomics out, high-quality processed and in noble materials such as chrome, leather or aluminum implemented details - the Interieur of the new Alfa Spider embodies Italian elegance in pure culture and corresponds thereby to the Premium requirement of the May countries tradition mark. The graceful designed Roadster combines optimized control components in styleful way with classical elements, which quote from the extensive history of the Alfa Spider. In addition count for example the circular speedometers and tachometer set in by chrome rings or the organization of the center console likewise coined/shaped by round forms.

The swung cockpit moves the driver into the center and grants it optimum control of all functions. The top side of the instrument panel takes - as already from the Urahn of the Alfa Spider admits - the cylindrical form of the clocks. Center console and trim are characterised by particularly wertige surfaces: in the Alfa Spider in titanium optics, with the Alfa Spider exclusive ones even in aluminum. This motive for Design reflects itself in the spokes of the sporty Ledervolants and the control keys decorated by chrome rings, which are to be found on the left and on the right the audio plant as well as the wide screen of the optional navigation system and in the controlling of the two-zone air conditioning system (series in the Alfa Spider exclusive ones). Aluminum elements zieren also the ergonomically formed Lederschaltknauf standard 6 of the course transmission, which can be served easy and precisely.

Well attainable in direct proximity of the Schaltknaufs and the fourwheel adjustable Lederlenkrads, which lead by its special three-spoke Design intuitively to the ideal steering wheel attitude, is the engine activate button. Multi-function keys for the radio operation belong in the Alfa Spider exclusive one already to the standard.

The sport seats of the Roadsters convince equally with comfortable upholstery and safe side stop. Seat support and back range carry the tube profile structure typical for Alfa Romeo, while the saliently minted side cheeks received an additional employment. In this way they remind optically of the process of belts of point of four, how they are used in running vehicles. The seats can be adjusted and made possible both in the height and in the inclination for drivers of most different Statur one equally perfect seating position. In the Alfa Spider exclusive one counts electrical seat adjustment as well as seat heating to the standard, in the basis model are optionally available these extras.

Volkswagen on the cars Shanghai 2007

Volkswagen ignites Hightech fireworks on the cars Shanghai 2007 (20. until 28 April). New vehicles like the Polo BlueMotion and the trade wind debütierende in China as Magotan as well as new propulsion technologies are to contribute to set in the realm of the center more strongly for each indications in things environmental protection. Volkswagen specified group to lower consumption and the emissions of the offered cars until 2010 around 20 per cent.

Magotan: The sedan is world-wide under the designation trade wind a success model. With its economical and emissionsarmen engines the Magotan in China defines the state of the art. Already with the conception of the model in Germany it was considered that Volkswagen fulfills all requirements of the Chinese market and meets the taste of the modern Chinese society. The Magotan is introduced in this spring.

Polo BlueMotion: With an average consumption of 3,9 litres and CO2-Emissionen of only 102 g/km strong Polo BlueMotion is recommended 59 KW/80 HP as most economical Fünfsitzer of the world par excellence for the employment in China. A condition for it is however a clear improvement of the Diesel quality offered there.

Touran EcoFuel: A further highlight within the range of pollution free technologies is likewise for the first time the Touran EcoFuel (80 KW/109 HP), presented in China. By the employment of natural gas as fuel practically all harmful exhaust components are reduced. Apart from the carbon dioxide portion (CO2), lower around 20 per cent, about in each case 80 per cent fewer Carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides develop (NOX) as well as approximately 70 per cent less methanhaltige hydrocarbons (HC).

1,8 TFSI: Volkswagen sets in China also within the range of the petrol engines on Hightech. Best example: new 1,8 TFSI with 118 KW/160 HP. Technically mark the four-cylinder of the recent engine generation EA888 a gasoline direct injection plus turbo-loading. Owing to the intelligent Downsizings the engine is just as dynamic as economical. Is built the 1,8 TFSI for Asia in the new Chinese work Dalian, which is likewise trailblazing in the range environmental protection.

Porsche intends building of a spare parts depot in Saxonia home

Porsche acquired large property in the industrial area calibration forest from the Zweckverband calibration forest a 26 hectare. At the Zweckverband calibration forest concerns it a union of the cities Saxonia home, Bietigheim Bissingen, Oberriexingen as well as the municipality Sersheim.

Porsche intends to begin on this area presumably still in this year with the building of a central spare parts depot. It is established in several assembly levels and serves for the long-term security of the growth course within the range after Sales. In the final development stage the camp will take a surface of approximately 110,000 square meters.

Up-to-date Porsche operates central spare parts depot in Ludwigsburg and Waiblingen as well as further depots in the area Stuttgart and supplies from there the world-wide dealer organization with Originalteilen. It is intended to bundle the today's stock level places medium-term in the new central spare parts depot. Thus up to 300 jobs are again settled gradually in Saxonia home.

The location was selected from a row by alternatives. For Saxonia home spoke in particular the property size, the existing infrastructure and traffic route, the flexibility and support by the Zweckverband as well as the spatial proximity to the most important procurement and sales markets and to the master seat the Porsche AG in Zuffenhausen. Porsche affirms its solidarity with the region Stuttgart and the location Germany by this investment decision once more.

Chevrolet action: Autogas plant free of charge

Chevrolet Germany sets far consistently on the alternative fuel autogases - and now makes all environment and for price-conscious autobuyers a completely special offer: From 15 April to 15. May 2007 keeps the customer the autogas plant free with the purchase of an action model in addition. The offer applies flexible Van Rezzo and the Topmodell in the upper middle class, the new Chevrolet Epica with all participating Chevrolet partners and concerns the models Lacetti and Nubira combination in the compact class. For the customer results depending upon model a price advantage from 2.410 to 2,760 euro.

“Autogas is today surface covering in Germany available and costs per litre only about 60 cent. With our current offer the customer can save immediately cash money thus without each amortization period and halve its fuel costs. At the same time already it the environment - and all this without any losses in things comfort or achievement”, describes Peter Sommer, Geschäftsführer of the Chevrolet Germany GmbH, the autogas offensive of Bremen of the importer. “With this offer we have also a suitable answer to the current CO2-Diskussion, because the CO2-Emissionen lies in the autogas operation over up to 18 per cent under the values in the gasoline enterprise. Altogether the pollutant output is reduced even over up to 80 per cent - for each environmentally conscious customer a clear argument”, supplements summer the ecological advantages of the autogas technology.

Already for the spring Chevrolet offers an autogas autogas-Nachrüstung, which extended the enterprise gradually in the model pallet to 2005. Success gives right to this strategy: In the meantime each tenth Chevrolet sold in Germany is already an autogas vehicle.

The third biggest automobile mark of the world sets thereby on the bivalent liquid gas variant: The autogas tank is accommodated in the spare wheel well, so that the gasoline tank remains keeping complete. Since the drive takes place alternatively with autogas or gasoline, arises altogether into for instance a doubling of the range. An advantage of the official Nachrüstung by of Bremen the importer consists also of it that to liquid gas new vehicles further the past 3-Jahres or 100,000 km work warranty applies, during Nachrüstung of Chevrolet used cars applies the legal material defect liberty over 2 years.

Each third car rides along to small air pressure

Each third passenger car in Germany is also to small air pressure in the tire on the way (initiative tire security, results of the action wash-out & check, 2006). After investigations of the tire manufacturer Continental the life span of the tire can reduce over up to 30 per cent when durable driving with a less pressure of only 0.3 bar. And the consequences can be quite dangerous: To small tire pressure extends the braking distances, the vehicle handling spongelike and straight at high speeds increases the probability of a tire burst.

0,3 bar less air jerk than recommended means 1.5% more fuel consumption

At the same time cars use also necessary for small tire pressure more fuel than: Over approximately one and a half per cent rises the thirst of a passenger car, if the air pressure recommended by the manufacturer around only 0.3 bar (thus round an eighth) actual that is fallen below with a passenger car of the middle class of on the average 16 litres annually. Also the avoidable delivery is annually increased by the higher fuel consumption by environmentalharmful CO2 by 38 kg for each passenger car. If one computes this increased CO2-Ausstoss for those approximately 33 per cent of the passenger cars driving into Germany with wrong air pressure, one comes annually on over 608.000 tons of CO2-Ausstoss, which would be easily avoidable. At the basis with the computation a passenger car with a consumption of 7,5 l fuel per 100 km and an annual output of 15.000 km was put. With approximately 46 million at present in Germany certified passenger cars are therefore 15.2 million of them also to small air pressure on the way.

“Who does regularly the tire pressure controlled, and to the environment a favour”, reminds Björn Bolze, director/conductor of the company customer service tire of Continental. “Simultaneous comes one so the creeping air pressure loss, e.g. by a brought in nail or a defective valve, well on the trace.” It recommends therefore control every two weeks or after each refuelling - for sake security sake, the environment and the own purse. Control should be made, if the tire is still cold.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

smart on the autosalon 2007 in Geneva

On that Geneva automobile salon (06. to 18. March 2007) presented smart the two BRABUS variants of the new smart fortwo for the first time the public.
Smart fortwo the BRABUS and smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive have than 30 per cent more engine performance with 72 KW/98 HP in relation to the BRABUS variant of the predecessor model more. At the same time small consumption and the low CO2-Emissionen show that this does not have to go at expense of the environment and the purse.
Beyond that the two BRABUS variants with an extremely low weight per horsepower convince: With only 7.8 kg/PS it is by 24 per cent under that the past BRABUS variant.
smart fortwo BRABUS: Higher achievement and sport chassis
Smart fortwo the BRABUS sets its focus primarily on sportyness. Its Dreizylinder Benziner with a litre capacity carries 72 KW out (98 HP), which are maximum torque with 140 Newtonmeters, which help the only 780 Kilo light two-seater to an unusually spritzigen Agilität. The Sprint of zero on speed 100 is settled in less than ten seconds, the maximum speed amounts to electronically abgeregelt, 155 km/h.
Outwardly primarily “mono block VI” - light alloy wheels, broader wheel covers in the back, a sport exhaust system and a fog headlight mark smart fortwo the BRABUS. Besides it has 10 millimeters put a tauter chassis tuning and is below.
In the Interieur smart fortwo the BRABUS differs from the standard smart fortwo models by a set of BRABUS styling applications, for example for Schaltknauf, parking brake grasp and Pedalerie. Further carry Tacho, tachometers and clock the BRABUS handwriting.
For smart fortwo the BRABUS the same Portfolio at external colors stands for order as smart for the other models fortwo.
smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive: Luxuriöse equipment
Sportyness combines also in this class unusual luxury, but smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive stands. Drive and performance-related he does not differ from the model BRABUS. Probably however by the equipment, which leaves no more desires open.
Although also it spreads “mono block VI” - light alloy wheels, which carry rear flared wings and the sport exhaust system and tail apron, it is to be constituted nevertheless immediately as BRABUS Xclusive. Betray it above all the BRABUS Frontspoiler, the BRABUS Seitenschweller and the sounded clear glass headlights.
Inside smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive has additionally leather seats with seat heating and BRABUS coinage. In addition over a modified three-saliva the sport steering wheel with steering wheel circuit as well as BRABUS Velours floor mats. The instrument panel as well as the door linings are held in leather optics. Head thorax Sidebags, otherwise as option selectable, are in series on board. This special side Airbags protects head and chest.
Its exclusivity underlines smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive also by the lacquer finish: It is exclusively in the combinations (tridion safety cell bodypanels) silver/silver or black/black available.
The introduction on the market of the two BRABUS variants will be in the autumn 2007. The prices in the middle of the yearly admits given.
Special model “edition limited one”
1998 for the introduction first customers opportunity had already smart to acquire a special model with name “limited/1”, limited in its number of items. In an edition of 7.500 pieces produced smart is today considered as in demand piece of collecting tank.
For introduction on the market in April 2007 the new is smart fortwo again in a limited variant available, the “edition limited one”. Of their it will give only 1,500 copies, exclusive as Coupé.
Outwardly the “edition is pyrite-grey metallic recognizable limited one” from the silver tridion safety cell and bodypanels in exclusive. The outside mirror caps and the radiator mask are likewise in silver painted. Sechspeichen Leichtmetallräder with broad tires as well as the panorama roof round the Exterieur styleful off.
The “edition is propelled limited one” by a Dreizylinder Benziner with 52 KW (71 HP). To the interior equipment belong an air conditioning system, a seat heating, a Radio/CD as well as auxiliary instruments with clock and tachometer. Exclusively the special model has a special, cognacbraunes Nappaleder in the Used Look, with which also the three-spoke sport steering wheel (inclusive steering wheel circuit) and the Schaltknauf are covered. The Velours floor mats are set in with the same leather.

Toyota on the autosalon 2007 in Geneva

On that Geneva autosalon 2007 puts Toyota its vision out in things of lasting mobility on the basis two concept studies with hybrid drive. The two in Europe presented prototypes make clear for the first time that this propulsion principle represents the optimal basis for a pallet of individual mobility requirements varied far.
Beyond that Toyota underlines a further mark its commitment for the minimization of the environmental impact by the individual traffic. In the focus of the initiative for the development of the ultimative environmental car of Toyota leading world-wide stands hybrid drive technology. Toyota represents the view that innovations in puncto drive within three ranges can contribute to the solution of environmental problems: By a lowering of the fuel consumption, by the improvement of the exhaust gas values and by alternative fuels, in order to limit the employment of fossil fuels. In addition Toyota makes clear that the hybrid drive can form at the same time the starting point of completely new vehicle concepts, which it Toyota permit to open new segments.
On that Geneva salon 2007 presents Toyota for the first time, a concept study, which presents a new Design language for hybrid vehicles and at the same time as technology carrier for future hybrid models functioned hybrid to the X. As particularly roomy and comfortable four-door four seaters conceived hybrid X developed in of Toyota European Design center ED2.
More largely the contrast could not be to second prototypes in Geneva: With the FT-HS (briefly for Future Toyota hybrid sport) Toyota presents its vision of the sports car for 21. Century. Owing to the connection of a Hightech hybrid drive with the typical qualities of a sports car the FT-HS clears up with the prejudice that small environmental impact accompanies compellingly with compromises with the driving fun. The FT-HS is a sports car with front engine and rear-wheel drive, which can presumably accelerate in less than five seconds of 0 to 100 km/h. A high performance 3,5-Liter-V6-Benziner is integrated into a sporty hybrid drive of the next generation with a focused system performance of approximately 400 HP.
With the Auris show Car reveals Toyota on that Geneva salon for the first time in Europe the three-door execution of the Auris in an exclusive chrome finish with special wheels.
Within the broadly put on Toyota initiative for the lowering of waste gas emissions by innovative developments and most modern propulsion technology takes the straight Auris a substantial value. With its original and salient body Design, which follows the maxim “briefly and highly”, it succeeded to the technical designers of ED2 to maximize the interior and the passenger comfort and to reduce at the same time the need of Verkehrsraum - a contribution at defusing of traffic problems. The high silhouette does not drive thereby under any circumstances the fuel consumption up: The three-door Auris can offer a cW-value of 0,29 and the best aerodynamics in its class. Most modern Toyota propulsion technology a remaining does to minimize consumption both the petrol engines and the modern turbo-Diesels.
Finally Toyota in Geneva presents its European top model Avensis in the new, revalued equipment stage government inspection department with additional high-quality Hightech equipment and a clear increase at driving culture. Among the comprehensive comfort equipment of this model a slack Bluetooth free intercom and a connection for an external MP3-Player rank a new navigation system with map display and Touchscreen function, digital wireless reception.
Again gestylte light alloy wheels in 16 - or 17-Zoll-Format and exclusive enamels complete that government inspection department equipment package. Beyond that Toyota underlines a further mark its special commitment for the environment and the minimization of harmful emissions also with the Avensis. Among the attractive pallet at diesel engines for the Avensis with particularly small fuel consumption new 2,0 D-4D with standard particle filter rank in model year 2007 the 2,2-Liter D-CAT as the cleanest diesel engine of its class as well as.

The new Land Rover Freelander

The new Land Rover Freelander: By reason on again developed, connects the 2. Model generation of the best-seller plentifully travelling comfort on the road with the unrestricted area fitness used of country Rover for decades. The stimmige total package of the new Freelander is rounded off by a dynamically working, salient Design, just as practical as generous interior and a multiplicity of highly developed technologies - among them two designed again engines. The compact off Roader settled in the Premiummarkt becomes starting from 05. May for price recommendations starting from 30.900 euro with the German country Rover contract dealers are available.
The second edition of the 1997 for the first time presented Freelander shows up in practically each regard further improved: higher performance and more economically, cultivate and high-quality, more surely and not last roomier. Also regarding the abilities in the area the Freelander could add just as again as with the handling on the road, where it convinces by an optimized handling and a noticeably improved comfort level.
During the equipment Freelander customers have the choice between the four stages E, S, SE and HSE. While the E-basic version only with the again developed, strong 2,2-Liter-Vierzylinder-Turbodiesel with soot particle filter to be combined with the remaining model variants the choice between the turbo-Diesel and the also new 3,2-Liter “i6” knows, exists 112 KW (152 HP) - Reihensechszylinder Benziner with 171 KW (233 HP) achievement.
The petrol engine permits to the new Freelander a maximum speed of accurately 200 km/h and an acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h in only 8.9 seconds. Besides the new Freelander engine captivates by its extremely compact building method: It is so small that it could be even crosswise installed - a new fact in the compact 4x4-Segment. The second drive alternative, the 2,2-Liter-Turbodiesel convinces with an enormous torque maximum of 400 Nm, whereby more than 200 Nm are already available starting from 1.000 revolutions. Apart from its passage strength quiet running and thriftiness are further brand names of the new turbo-Diesel, which is content in the combined measuring procedure with 7,5 litres of Diesel to 100 kilometers.
With the transmission a 6-Gang transmission as well as a 6-Stufen mechanism with “COMMAND SHIFTs” are - to function at the disposal as alternatives. While the Diesel variant is coupled with the 6-Gang transmission, the Benzinerversion has in series the 6-Gang automatic transmission, which is available as option for the Diesel version. On board is in addition a new “more intelligently” permanent four-wheel drive.
Already the entrance model Freelander TD4 E available starting from 30.900 euro has an extensive standard, among other things with climatic and alarm installation, CD player, electrically adjust and heatable outside mirrors, Zentralverriegelung with remote maintenance, start/stop key for the engine, MP3-Anschluss or light alloy wheels. In addition an extensive safety and technique package come, to which for example seven Airbags, stability and traction control, mountain driving off assistance, brake assistant as well as the again developed Wankneigungskontrolle RSC and curve brake control of CBC belong.
In the further model variants of the new Freelander this equipment extent is supplemented then by further series details, like e.g. speed control, a park assistance in front and in the back, two-zone climatic mechanism, alpine-audio systems, leather seats, electrically hinged outside mirrors, Bi-xenon-headlights or by country Rover developed “terrain Response™” - system.
The new Freelander generally shows outside and inside a fresh Design: decay and sophisticated, geometrically and clearly. To the impression of dynamics and sportyness many Design elements contribute themselves, for example the bent windshield, the rising roof line, the tapering tail columns and the narrow “shoulders” of the model with the new Freelander.
With a static firmness of more than 28,000 Nm/degrees the new development possesses one of the steifsten bodies of the entire autoindustry. This high firmness forms an outstanding basis for much travelling comfort, accurate handling and a high safety level.
Although it became longer only 50 millimeters than its predecessor, the new Freelander spoils noticeably with a clearly extended available space in the passenger cab as well as more head, shoulder and leg liberty at all places. The Interieur reminds regarding quality, processing and high-qualityness of the materials of a Premiumlimousine. Beyond that the trunk of the Freelander with 755 became litres of volume equal around more as a third roomier than with the predecessor model. The second Freelander generation bring along thus all conditions, in order to update the large success history of the model.

KIA presents four premieres on the AMI 2007

Kia points to the AMI of this year to Leipzig (public days: 14. - 22 April) four novelties: Their Germany debut give the cee' D to Sporty Wagon, the fundamentally revised Opirus and the Rio hybrid, in addition Kia presents for the first time the cee' D LPG with liquid gas drive. Beyond that on the AMI also the Kia Rio VSR will have to be seen, a sport version of the popular B-segment-model.
The cee' D Sporty Wagon, which became 4.47 meters long combination version of the new compact car, in relation to the steep tail variant extended by 235 millimeters. Thus the baggage compartment volume grew by nearly 200 litres on 534 litres (with normal item of the seats, to window height). The unusually large and far up-swinging rear flap offers an extremely comfortable entrance to the baggage compartment. Like the steep tail model also the sport combination with 5 engines (3 Benziner, 2 Diesels) is offered and had likewise the unusual warranty of 7 years (or 150,000 km): 5 years for the entire vehicle, 2 further engine and transmission inclusive for the drive strand. The market start is intended for Septembers.
The Kia Opirus, the luxuriöse flagship of the mark, is introduced on the AMI in fundamentally revised form: The new Opirus, which is available immediately in the trade, has more balanced proportions, a still high-quality Interieur with new Hightech elements as well as a stronger and at the same time more economical V6-Benzin-Triebwerk. Were optimized also travelling comfort, handling and safety equipment somewhat longer of the 5-Meter-Limousine become, whereby the weight be reduced and the power ratings could be increased: The new 3,8-Liter-Triebwerk carries 266 HP out and accelerates easier the Opirus become around 122 kilograms in 7.5 seconds on 100 km/h.
The Rio hybrid presented in Leipzig is one of 3.390 vehicles with the future-pointing combination of electrical and petrol engine, which will make Kia and Hyundai available in the coming 2 years the Korean Department of the Environment. The Ministry wants to test the everyday life fitness of this pollution free technology with this hybrid fleet. The Rio hybrid is with a 90-PS-Benziner (1.4 litres) and a 12-kW-Wechselstrom-Synchronmotor equipped, accelerated in 12.2 seconds of 0 to 100 km/h, a maximum speed of 180 km/h reaches and is content with 5,29 litres fuel per 100 kilometer (CO2-Ausstoss: 126 g/km).
Likewise very pollution free and besides economical the cee' D LPG leaves itself to move, a liquid gas-claimant variant in February of the started compact car. Already after approximately 40,000 kilometers the armament has itself - which is accomplished by the enterprise of ecoengines - amortizes. The environment however profits from the outset: Those almost sulfur and soot-free burn make themselves the autogas drive in view of the aggravating fine dust problem a promising alternative. Beside that cee' D should be convertible in the future also all other Kia models on liquid gas.
Beside these four novelties Kia presents a sport execution of the popular small car Rio on the AMI in addition: The Kia Rio VSR has front and tail apron (including completely new bumper) as well as a salient radiator grille, Seitenschweller and headlight screens. At the tail a final muffler gives an additional engine haven note. And optically the VSR package does not only change the Rio: It contains also a more deeply put and chassis equipped with sport feathers/springs. In addition the Rio VSR rolls 205/40 R17 on powerful 17-Zoll-Leichtmetallrädern with tires of the size. The sport package is offered presumably starting from summer as accessories.
Beyond that the Korean success mark presents in the AMI also its entire, in the last years fundamentally modernized model pallet: of the small car best-sellers Picanto over the Rio, the cee' D in the steep tail variant and the middle class sedan Magentis up to the Vans Carens and Carnival as well as the SUVs Sportage and Sorento, which can be tested on a special Offroad Parcours.
Kia takes part also in different meetings of the AMI. Thus the new cee' D will likewise be to prospective customers for test travels starting from fairground at the disposal. At the action day driving training (15,04.) Kia refers to the possibility of leaving the models to driving school vehicles changes. On the firm customer day (16,04.) experience fleet managers, how interesting Kia models of cee' D the Sporty Wagon over the Magentis up to the Sorento for it are. And on the taxi day (17.04. , Carnival and Carens as taxi version locally) can itself interested to inform how and where Kia vehicles can be reequipped to taxis. In addition Kia participates to the AMI Spritsparstunde and offers test travels with the new cee' D when desired also with a “Spritspar coach” from the DVR.

mono tracer supported

Where does the motorcycle stop, does begin the sports car? The answer comes from Switzerland with that 250 km/h snaps mono tracers.
„Inclination liberty - the liberty, which we mean, are called “it with with Peraves, Winterthur, the manufacturer of this 2+2-Rades also full-vitreous tandem cockpit, because to a motorcycle inclination from 52° is actually only with far hung knee on the racing course to think out. The knees of the mono tracer consist of swing-out gange wheels. Like that is provided not only for these extreme driving along curves but also when holding - for example before a red traffic light - always for „a support leg “.

„Mono tracers drive are flies on 60 cm seat level “, like that its creators. The 130-PS-BMW-Motor with 1171 ccm must depending upon equipment only 460 to 485 Kilos unloaded weight 3.65 meters is enough vehicle to move. Result: Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.7 seconds and 250 km/h point. The Viergang-Getriebe is sequenziell switched. ABS and ceramic(s) brakes are in series, anti-slip control or also an automatic transmission can be inserted when desired. With a Cruising speed of 120 km/h the compact engine swallows only five litres. Capacity of the tank: nevertheless 50 litres.
„From the Kanzleisicht sees the world simply friendlier out “. Owing to the full glazing driving with the mono tracer - guided like a motorcycle - makes really for fun, particularly, if one can itself in a pilot situation at a Ferrari or a Porsche past schlängeln. The turning circle amounts to 8.5 meters. This Swiss quality product - two years warranty on the entire machinery, 25 years warranty for the framework from metal and Composite materials - has his price: 52,500 euro in the basic form.

special exhibition in Leipzig: Fascination Flügeltürer

One of the six special exhibitions of the AMI 2007 in Leipzig is dedicated to the Fügeltürern. In glass-resound the area to 30 as vehicles worth seeing from eight countries are geziegt, among them models of Lamborghini, Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, the Spyker C8, the TS01 from the French Kleinserienmanufaktur Technical Studio, the K-1 of the slowakischen company Attack and the Yes the Roadster from Saxonia. Within the range of the legendary vehicles naturally also the classical author Mercedes 300 SL may not be missing.
The special exhibition of the promotion of young people in the German motor vehicle trade of “autooccupations - chances for Könner”. presented in glass-resounds modern career profiles approximately around the automobile. In the context of the special exhibition present under other Honda, Suzuki, Volvo, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Toyota in an alive workshop interactively modern engine technology, alternative drives, electronic components such as Crash sensors and Airbag models, vehicle configurations by Bluetooth and much more besides.
In the special exhibition “time journey by 50 years engine haven in the ADMV” in resounds to 1 presents the ADMV, which commits 2007 its 50stes establishment anniversary, engine haven technology from five decades. The visitor gets historical racing cars, motorcycles, Rallyeautos, autoCROSS car, to see sidecar motorcycles and even speedboats.
Unusual changes of East German and Eastern European automobile marks the special exhibition “Tuning East” shows in resounds to 3. It presents ten look up-exciting copies, among them a satellite with 300 HP and models of Lada and Barkas.
For the first time the DRS German Rallye series on the Leipziger autofair presents itself. On the open area and on the AvD conditions in 5 resounds on 14 April approximately 30 current Rallye vehicles, service vehicles and a driver camp to admire will be.
The AMITEC special exhibition moves building of bodies into the focus. “Tradition and innovation: Body civil engineering yesterday and today” reads the slogan of a special exhibition, which experiences of 14. until 18 April 2007 at the trade fair AMITEC their premiere.

Chrysler sales could bringing higher proceeds than expected

A possible sales of the fastened daughter Chrysler could rinsing more moneys than expected into the cashes of DaimlerChrysler. How the “world announces on Sunday” under appointment on negotiation partners, could up to nine billion dollar proceeds for US autofarmer be obtained. Before the speech was from a purchase price of maximally six billion euro. DaimlerChrysler did not commentate the report.
So far the speech is from two concrete offers for Chrysler. The Canadian supplier Magna had to 23. March - common with the financial investor Ripplewood - converted 3, 5 billion euro required. On past Friday allegedly the investor Cerberus delivered an offer in height mentioned. Here the former DaimlerChrysler and Volkswagen manager Wolfgang Bernhard function as an advisor. As further prospective customers the competitor general of engine and the financial investor Blackstone are called.
Meanwhile several institutional investors for a sales of Chrysler expressed themselves. They want to make themselves on the general meeting of DaimlerChryser on Wednesday (4 April) for a separation from the US daughter Chrysler strong. “A splitting off from Chrysler appears to us under the given conditions meaningfully, there the market surrounding field in the USA to become also in the future very difficult might”, said Ingo Speich, fund manager with union Investment the “trade paper” today. Allegedly also also the fund companies SEB and DWS pleaded for a sales.

Sunday, April 1, 2007

FOR EACH DESIGN offers complete Tuning for the AUDI TT

AUDI had hardly brought, could the TT on the market FOR EACH to DESIGN some modifications be already broken in. Now there is the full operation from flax garden as consulting. Because beside chassis and engine there is now additionally a complete optics package, better brakes, a 4-Rohr-Edelstahl to sport exhaust and 20-Zöller.
Powerfully pressure makes FOR EACH DESIGN for that 2.0 litre TFSI engine. The turbo- Benziner brings it after a change to the motor control on approximately 180 KW of 244 HP with 5.100 rpm (series: 147 KW of 200 HP). The standard 280 Nm increase on 355 and provide for clearly better elasticity values. Completely besides the TT full 247 km/h may run (series: 240). Naturally customers may count also on a better acceleration. From 0-100 the TT of FOR EACH DESIGN wins six tenths and reaches the magic mark now in 6 seconds. The price for the anabole cure: Fr. 2.750. Of course the engine fulfills then still the outer regulations. Besides supplies FOR EACH DESIGN the increase in output with TÜV Teilegutachten. 244 HP are not from bad parents, but FOR EACH DESIGN prepares already the next hammer. Because in preparation is a straight compressor kit for the 3,2 Liter-V6, from which the Leingartener Tuner will draw Porsche killende 350 HP.
Optics and sound Tuning
To more pronounced face courses, which create place on the left trace, help FOR EACH DESIGN the TT with a two-piece Bugspoiler (Fr. 663), whose is installed both parts on the left and on the right to the front. Too these components the cross connection manufactures and obtains suitable spoiler lip in the Karbonlook (Fr. 188), a breath of engine haven. In the back blocks FOR EACH DESIGN a diffuser employment in the Carbonlook (Fr. 663), meant for use with a FOR EACH DESIGN 4-Rohr-Edelstahl final muffler (Fr. 1,699), which provides particularly with 3.2 Liter-V6-Motor for sporty sound. In addition, the 2,0 TFSI version can be equipped with it. Of course the final muffler with EEC permission is supplied. The diffuser employment gives it alternatively also in a standard design (Fr. 568) in car color or contrasting color to be painted can.
A December duck tail spoiler lip (Fr. 473) for lift decrease rounds the again arranged tail opinion off. All aerodynamics components were designed by CAD. Perfect a register accuracy can be guaranteed thereby. The front spoiler corners, as well as the tail spoiler lip are manufactured from high-quality PU-material, the diffuser employment made of abs plastic.
Chassis, brakes and new wheels
A setting lower set (Fr. 378) shifts the emphasis of the TT (front wheel drive and Quattro) by 30 mm downward and makes the Coupé substantially more agiler. The setting lower set fits also to vehicles with Magnetic Ride system (MRS). Continues to go, the höhenverstellbare thread chassis for Fr. Fr. 1,825, adapted by FOR EACH DESIGN for the TT, which makes a still better handling for all TT-versions possible.
Who the FOR EACH DESIGN TT somewhat more quickly to move wants, the 4-Kolben-Sportbremsanlage of the dimension 330 x is 28 mm recommended to that, which ensure a better delay for Fr. 3,798. FOR EACH DESIGN offers it including punched brake disks, brake pliers, holding, attachments, sport linings, Stahlflexleitungen and TÜV Teilegutachten.
Fahrzeugtuning always runs out last end on new, more attractive wheels. FOR EACH DESIGN offers a large, forged wheel in 8,5x20 “ET 35 and execution “super to 20 tariff as the largest and naturally best looking option polished”, alternatively also as complete wheel set with tyre 245/30R20Y (Fr. 8,730). 10 x are in addition, alternative 18 “- (model “Visage”) and 19 “- wheels with 245/35R19Y (model “Multispoke”, in Shadow Silver or chrome Look) in the offer. Like that or like that is the TT with the FOR EACH DESIGN wheels well “besohlt”. The complete program is available naturally also for the new AUDI TT Roadster.

Citroën celebrates 60 years type H on the TechnoClassica in meals

In Germany one knows it nearly only by sight and from the vacation: of provenzialischen market places, where the butcher sold his commodity from the structure of corrugated sheet, or of bretonischen camping sites, where the Crossaints in the morning in so a near-rolled.
The type H is clearly a piece France. In addition, it is a milestone of commercial motor vehicle history. More than 30 years long, until December 1981, he was nearly invariably built. The secret of this long career is its radical appropriateness. The Design may work almost fossil, the concept however is this very day unsurpassed.
The HY on that was presented Paris salon 1947: it becomes thus in this year 60. The round birthday of the urigen box is reason of enough to fill the Citroën conditions on the TechnoClassica this week in meals exeptionally with commercial motor vehicles.
In the center the last built type H is located: an unused copy fresh from the factory from the work collection. Its predecessor has in addition, an honour place: the TUB of 1939 carried out for the first time the modern box car concept with low structure of front steering wheel, lateral Schiebetüre in the self-supporting body and front wheel drive. Only 1,749 was built - the very rare survivor on the exhibition booth is likewise a piece from the work collection.

Special model Suzuki Jimny “skirt at the ring”

If at the Nürburgring in the Eifel on the stages one gerockt, Suzuki is again also from the portion. Already for the fourth time the world-wide twelfth-largest car manufacturer engages itself as a main sponsor with the largest German open air rockfestival and for it also again to be cult Cabrio Jimny “skirt at the ring” ready to be launched made. With a still more attractive equipment package skirt-ends Freiluftkletterer drives starting from May with the dealer forwards. The limited special model accompanies individualists and music fan by the summer and with an edition of only altogether 750 vehicles on the roads and in the area will on the way be.
The mobile skirt tube makes all honour for its name. The equipment package “skirt at the ring” enclosure beside a high-quality CD-Tuner with loudspeakers in front and in the back Hochtöner as well as one under the front seat installed Subwoofer. Further details are the central arm rest and an exhaust embellisher. Among other things is with the model of this year - which 2007er-Version - an air conditioning system also on board, with the driver also in heated situations a cool head retains. Partial leather seats and a leather steering wheel offer the necessary passenger comfort. In addition fog headlights are contained. Also there is the cars now in the lacquer finish Azure Gray Pearl Metallic as well as further in the colors Bluish Black Metallic and Bright talks. The mandatory and with Festivalfans desired “skirt at the ring” - decoration as well as floor mats broken particularly round the cult model off.
The special model costs 16,900 euro. That corresponds to price advantage of 1.000 euro opposite a comparably equipped series vehicle.
Who would like itself to let expose to sound with “skirt at the ring” and “skirt in the park” from the sound of live and the appearance of Suzukis new “skirt star” to experience, this possibility has on weekend of 01. to 03 June 2007. In addition there is the possibility for the guests again of driving through with the Urban Challenge as front seat passengers the Offroad Parcours. To the festivals, which take place at the same time at the Nürburgring in the Eifel and on the Zeppelinfeld in Nuremberg, also in this year far over 100.000 spectators are expected. Among other things you Linkin heat `park, Smashing Pumpkins, the physicians, we are heroes, grain, the Kultrocker Slayer as well as the Newcomer Combo Mando Diao in.
Suzuki Jimny Cabrio 1,3 lFuel consumption: 9.3 l/100 km (inside place), 6.2 l/100 km (except place), 7.3 l/100 km (combines). CO2-Emissionen combines: 174 g/km