Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Volkswagen on the cars Shanghai 2007

Volkswagen ignites Hightech fireworks on the cars Shanghai 2007 (20. until 28 April). New vehicles like the Polo BlueMotion and the trade wind debütierende in China as Magotan as well as new propulsion technologies are to contribute to set in the realm of the center more strongly for each indications in things environmental protection. Volkswagen specified group to lower consumption and the emissions of the offered cars until 2010 around 20 per cent.

Magotan: The sedan is world-wide under the designation trade wind a success model. With its economical and emissionsarmen engines the Magotan in China defines the state of the art. Already with the conception of the model in Germany it was considered that Volkswagen fulfills all requirements of the Chinese market and meets the taste of the modern Chinese society. The Magotan is introduced in this spring.

Polo BlueMotion: With an average consumption of 3,9 litres and CO2-Emissionen of only 102 g/km strong Polo BlueMotion is recommended 59 KW/80 HP as most economical Fünfsitzer of the world par excellence for the employment in China. A condition for it is however a clear improvement of the Diesel quality offered there.

Touran EcoFuel: A further highlight within the range of pollution free technologies is likewise for the first time the Touran EcoFuel (80 KW/109 HP), presented in China. By the employment of natural gas as fuel practically all harmful exhaust components are reduced. Apart from the carbon dioxide portion (CO2), lower around 20 per cent, about in each case 80 per cent fewer Carbon monoxide (CO) and nitrogen oxides develop (NOX) as well as approximately 70 per cent less methanhaltige hydrocarbons (HC).

1,8 TFSI: Volkswagen sets in China also within the range of the petrol engines on Hightech. Best example: new 1,8 TFSI with 118 KW/160 HP. Technically mark the four-cylinder of the recent engine generation EA888 a gasoline direct injection plus turbo-loading. Owing to the intelligent Downsizings the engine is just as dynamic as economical. Is built the 1,8 TFSI for Asia in the new Chinese work Dalian, which is likewise trailblazing in the range environmental protection.

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