Tuesday, April 3, 2007

smart on the autosalon 2007 in Geneva

On that Geneva automobile salon (06. to 18. March 2007) presented smart the two BRABUS variants of the new smart fortwo for the first time the public.
Smart fortwo the BRABUS and smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive have than 30 per cent more engine performance with 72 KW/98 HP in relation to the BRABUS variant of the predecessor model more. At the same time small consumption and the low CO2-Emissionen show that this does not have to go at expense of the environment and the purse.
Beyond that the two BRABUS variants with an extremely low weight per horsepower convince: With only 7.8 kg/PS it is by 24 per cent under that the past BRABUS variant.
smart fortwo BRABUS: Higher achievement and sport chassis
Smart fortwo the BRABUS sets its focus primarily on sportyness. Its Dreizylinder Benziner with a litre capacity carries 72 KW out (98 HP), which are maximum torque with 140 Newtonmeters, which help the only 780 Kilo light two-seater to an unusually spritzigen Agilität. The Sprint of zero on speed 100 is settled in less than ten seconds, the maximum speed amounts to electronically abgeregelt, 155 km/h.
Outwardly primarily “mono block VI” - light alloy wheels, broader wheel covers in the back, a sport exhaust system and a fog headlight mark smart fortwo the BRABUS. Besides it has 10 millimeters put a tauter chassis tuning and is below.
In the Interieur smart fortwo the BRABUS differs from the standard smart fortwo models by a set of BRABUS styling applications, for example for Schaltknauf, parking brake grasp and Pedalerie. Further carry Tacho, tachometers and clock the BRABUS handwriting.
For smart fortwo the BRABUS the same Portfolio at external colors stands for order as smart for the other models fortwo.
smart fortwo BRABUS Xclusive: Luxuriöse equipment
Sportyness combines also in this class unusual luxury, but smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive stands. Drive and performance-related he does not differ from the model BRABUS. Probably however by the equipment, which leaves no more desires open.
Although also it spreads “mono block VI” - light alloy wheels, which carry rear flared wings and the sport exhaust system and tail apron, it is to be constituted nevertheless immediately as BRABUS Xclusive. Betray it above all the BRABUS Frontspoiler, the BRABUS Seitenschweller and the sounded clear glass headlights.
Inside smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive has additionally leather seats with seat heating and BRABUS coinage. In addition over a modified three-saliva the sport steering wheel with steering wheel circuit as well as BRABUS Velours floor mats. The instrument panel as well as the door linings are held in leather optics. Head thorax Sidebags, otherwise as option selectable, are in series on board. This special side Airbags protects head and chest.
Its exclusivity underlines smart fortwo the BRABUS Xclusive also by the lacquer finish: It is exclusively in the combinations (tridion safety cell bodypanels) silver/silver or black/black available.
The introduction on the market of the two BRABUS variants will be in the autumn 2007. The prices in the middle of the yearly admits given.
Special model “edition limited one”
1998 for the introduction first customers opportunity had already smart to acquire a special model with name “limited/1”, limited in its number of items. In an edition of 7.500 pieces produced smart is today considered as in demand piece of collecting tank.
For introduction on the market in April 2007 the new is smart fortwo again in a limited variant available, the “edition limited one”. Of their it will give only 1,500 copies, exclusive as Coupé.
Outwardly the “edition is pyrite-grey metallic recognizable limited one” from the silver tridion safety cell and bodypanels in exclusive. The outside mirror caps and the radiator mask are likewise in silver painted. Sechspeichen Leichtmetallräder with broad tires as well as the panorama roof round the Exterieur styleful off.
The “edition is propelled limited one” by a Dreizylinder Benziner with 52 KW (71 HP). To the interior equipment belong an air conditioning system, a seat heating, a Radio/CD as well as auxiliary instruments with clock and tachometer. Exclusively the special model has a special, cognacbraunes Nappaleder in the Used Look, with which also the three-spoke sport steering wheel (inclusive steering wheel circuit) and the Schaltknauf are covered. The Velours floor mats are set in with the same leather.

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