Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Toyota on the autosalon 2007 in Geneva

On that Geneva autosalon 2007 puts Toyota its vision out in things of lasting mobility on the basis two concept studies with hybrid drive. The two in Europe presented prototypes make clear for the first time that this propulsion principle represents the optimal basis for a pallet of individual mobility requirements varied far.
Beyond that Toyota underlines a further mark its commitment for the minimization of the environmental impact by the individual traffic. In the focus of the initiative for the development of the ultimative environmental car of Toyota leading world-wide stands hybrid drive technology. Toyota represents the view that innovations in puncto drive within three ranges can contribute to the solution of environmental problems: By a lowering of the fuel consumption, by the improvement of the exhaust gas values and by alternative fuels, in order to limit the employment of fossil fuels. In addition Toyota makes clear that the hybrid drive can form at the same time the starting point of completely new vehicle concepts, which it Toyota permit to open new segments.
On that Geneva salon 2007 presents Toyota for the first time, a concept study, which presents a new Design language for hybrid vehicles and at the same time as technology carrier for future hybrid models functioned hybrid to the X. As particularly roomy and comfortable four-door four seaters conceived hybrid X developed in of Toyota European Design center ED2.
More largely the contrast could not be to second prototypes in Geneva: With the FT-HS (briefly for Future Toyota hybrid sport) Toyota presents its vision of the sports car for 21. Century. Owing to the connection of a Hightech hybrid drive with the typical qualities of a sports car the FT-HS clears up with the prejudice that small environmental impact accompanies compellingly with compromises with the driving fun. The FT-HS is a sports car with front engine and rear-wheel drive, which can presumably accelerate in less than five seconds of 0 to 100 km/h. A high performance 3,5-Liter-V6-Benziner is integrated into a sporty hybrid drive of the next generation with a focused system performance of approximately 400 HP.
With the Auris show Car reveals Toyota on that Geneva salon for the first time in Europe the three-door execution of the Auris in an exclusive chrome finish with special wheels.
Within the broadly put on Toyota initiative for the lowering of waste gas emissions by innovative developments and most modern propulsion technology takes the straight Auris a substantial value. With its original and salient body Design, which follows the maxim “briefly and highly”, it succeeded to the technical designers of ED2 to maximize the interior and the passenger comfort and to reduce at the same time the need of Verkehrsraum - a contribution at defusing of traffic problems. The high silhouette does not drive thereby under any circumstances the fuel consumption up: The three-door Auris can offer a cW-value of 0,29 and the best aerodynamics in its class. Most modern Toyota propulsion technology a remaining does to minimize consumption both the petrol engines and the modern turbo-Diesels.
Finally Toyota in Geneva presents its European top model Avensis in the new, revalued equipment stage government inspection department with additional high-quality Hightech equipment and a clear increase at driving culture. Among the comprehensive comfort equipment of this model a slack Bluetooth free intercom and a connection for an external MP3-Player rank a new navigation system with map display and Touchscreen function, digital wireless reception.
Again gestylte light alloy wheels in 16 - or 17-Zoll-Format and exclusive enamels complete that government inspection department equipment package. Beyond that Toyota underlines a further mark its special commitment for the environment and the minimization of harmful emissions also with the Avensis. Among the attractive pallet at diesel engines for the Avensis with particularly small fuel consumption new 2,0 D-4D with standard particle filter rank in model year 2007 the 2,2-Liter D-CAT as the cleanest diesel engine of its class as well as.

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