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Mercedes Benz G-class (2007)

Mercedes Benz continued to revalue the G-class. Spread fresh gloss in the Interieur a new high-quality combination instrument, a likewise new attractive steering wheel as well as a modified center console also newly arranged switches and a changed climatic control unit. Outwardly the rear light Design marks the recent generation of the G-class by modern LED optics. With these model care measures Mercedes Benz continues its philosophy to equip since over a quarter century built classical author with a modern and comfortable Interieur at high sedan level and the newest state of the art. This secures its exception position for the G-class as full blood jeep with exquisiten Lifestyle characteristics.

The Mercedes Benz G-class was particularly conceived as vehicle for hard area employment with their conception 1979. In the course of the long construction period Mercedes engineers adapted to the “G” the changed buyer desires. Modern electronics increased its from the outset outstanding cross-country capability continuously. Their outstanding characteristics off fastened roads, their advantages in the use of trailer, its balanced handling characteristics and the Ambiente of a sedan help the G-class to that unusually are enough for lifetime from so far 28 years.


With the recent model care Mercedes Benz set new points of gloss in the G-class - particularly in the Interieur. Here a new combination instrument provides for modern optics. Four similar round instruments - set in with noble chrome rings - form the information centre for the driver. Likewise in new Design presents itself the elegant four-spoke multi-function steering wheel, whose lit keys make a calling of different information or a steering possible of certain functions by means of thumb pressure without diverson.

In the G a leather steering wheel is installed 320 CDI, in the G 500 and in the G 55 AMG in series expects the driver even the luxuriöse wood leather execution.

The modified center console with new automatic controllers and switches for the air conditioning system and comfort functions is common to all three models of the G-class. It revalues the cockpit not only optically, but improved additionally by its organization control security. In the models G 500 and G 55 AMG is in series the serving and indicator COMAND APS with DVD navigation system, integrated radio, CD-Player and telephone keyboard blocked. Additionally a compass function is integrated, which makes it for the driver possible to orient itself also beyond well out-described ways. In addition the compass indicates the direction when desired both in the display of the new combination instrument and on the COMAND screen.

The COMAND APS system is as special equipment also in the G 320 CDI available. In the standard type there the radio audio 20 replaces the model audio 10 inserted so far with CD-Player and telephone keyboard. The basis model without surcharge keeps a seat heating for the front seats simultaneous. The new 12V-Steckdose in the front seat passenger floor space facilitates immediately in all models of the G-class the connection of electrical accessory equipment.

From the outside the recent generation of the Mercedes Benz G-class is to be recognized by the rear lights. The designers transformed it and to them a new, fresh Look with modern LED optics lent.

New interesting special equipment available

At the same time with the model care Mercedes Benz extends the list of the available special equipments for the G-class by some interesting novelties. In addition the following highlights count:

Back driving camera, which shows the happening behind the vehicle on that 6.5 tariff large screen of the new COMAND equipment
Tire pressure control with announcement in the display of the combination instrument
Sport exhaust system for the type G 500 station car long, which essentially corresponds to the exhaust system of the G 55 AMG
Interieurpaket “ARTICO” with durable leather oh formation
New leather upholstery “Cognac”, those the past leather offer in black and grey around the third color variant in brown extends (in the type G 500 optionally without additional price)

More than ever G-class applies after these model care measures to the Mercedes Benz: Ever it was not more comfortable and innovative. Because the “G” shines not only with a luxuriösen Ambiente, but also with a technology on the most modern conditions. Among it the electronically steered traction system 4ETS beside the permanent all-wheel drive, which improves the traction with starting and accelerating on slippery underground, ranks in series. Besides three insertable Differenzialsperren and a gear reduction are available in the G-class for heavy area.

To the current model program to the G-class three motorizing as well as three Karosserievarianten belong. The power spectrum of the engines hands 224 HP from 165 KW with the G 320 CDI up to 368 KW 500 HP with the G 55 AMG.

BMW 1er (2007)

The joy in driving was established also in the compact class. Now it is again increased. New BMW 1er its world premiere celebrated new engines, purposeful modifications at the Exterieurdesign and an attractive reorganization of its interior for the prelude of the international automobile salon in Geneva with a second Karosserievariante. For the first time is to be had BMW 1er then also as Dreitürer. The new model variant sits down with its sporty-elegant collateral line and with particularly agilen handling characteristics in scene.

A maximum of efficient dynamics reaches BMW 1er - both and three and and Fünftürer - with the new generation of four-cylinder engines. For additional achievement and singular economy an aluminum crank case and a new Common Rail injection system for the Diesel drives as well as the High Precision Injection, a Direkteinspritzung of the 2 provide. Generation, with the Benzinern. In addition the new engines with Brake Energy regeneration, car start stop function and switching point announcement are combined.

A class for itself is in the compact segment also in the future BMW 130i. Its row six cylinder engine with magnesium aluminium group crank case and VALVETRONIC technology carries 265 HP for 195 KW out and makes now also the three-door model variant BMW of the 1er absolute top-class sportsman.

With more than 200,000 sold units world-wide BMW 1er in the compact segment made to measure put a start down. Engine in front, power transmission to the rear wheels - in such a way reads the concept for maximum driving joy, which led also in this class to success. For the first time the functionality of a handy diagonal tail sedan with the typical handling characteristics BMW was combined. Now the first - and still only - compact vehicle with rear propulsion provides again for sensation. The new three-door variant emphasizes the dynamics of the propulsion principle already at first sight still more clearly.

The body Design of the Dreitürers stresses the long front and shifts the optical emphasis clearly to the rear axle. The side view is coined/shaped by the long door with its frameless disk and the undivided rear side window. This dynamic adjustment of the Design underlines the sporty character of the Dreitürers.

Expression by Kraft: New accents at front and tail

Also the purposeful modifications in the front and tail range let the new BMW 1er appear still stronger and more characteristic. Show the three and the fünftürige variant a uniform face, in whose center the again arranged and increased BMW kidney stands.

In addition come a again outlined verge of the headlights into the bumper unit, a darker frame of the lights, a broader air intake in the lower range of the front apron, a strengthened spoiler lip and a new trim. More saliently formed are also the optional fog headlights.

Also at the tail the dominance of horizontal running lines lets the new BMW 1er appear broad and stronger. In a new, strongly minted light edge of the tail apron the process of the lateral Schwellerlinien is continued and the form of the front spoiler lip is again taken up.

Characteristic are still the proportions singular in the compact segment, which owes BMW 1er of his long front and the carried back passenger space. Particularly in the three-door execution this sporty shaping is intensively stressed. The new Karosserievariante provides therefore everywhere for attention, where mobility is closely with Spontaneität and joy in driving linked.

The momentumful outline of the side view becomes thereby the symbol for a particularly temperful appearance in the streetscape. The optional chrome volume, which frames the stretched window areas, underlines this impression.

Service provider: The six cylinder engine BMW of the 130i

BMW 1er brings the fascination BMW with the practical advantages of a compact vehicle in agreement. That applies in special way to BMW the 130i.

Its 3.0 litre large row six cylinder engine with magnesium aluminium group crank case, VALVETRONIC and double VANOS mobilizes 195 KW of 265 HP.

This Kraftpotenzial leads the high efficiency of the row six-cylinder made possible at the same time to outstanding road performances (0-100 km/h limited in 6.0 seconds with the Dreitürer and/or 6.1 seconds with the Fünftürer, maximum speed electronically on 250 km/h), an economy exemplary in this performance class. BMW 130i three and and use Fünftürer of on the average 8.3 litres per 100 of kilometers in the European Union test cycle both and.

For increased efficiency provides among other things the Brake Energy regeneration, which not only into BMW the 130i is used, but into all new petrol engine and Diesel variants BMW of the 1er. It makes it possible to concentrate the production of electricity for the electrical system alone on the thrust and brake phases of the engine. Thus is to more driving power in the course enterprise, for example with accelerating, for conversion to driving dynamics at the disposal.

Car start stop function: 0 consumption with 0 km/h

To the more efficient fuel use also the car start stop function contributes, which for the handswitched versions BMW of the 1er in connection with the new four-cylinder gasoline and - at the disposal is to diesel engines. In order to use this new function, it is sufficient, to bring when holding before a traffic light or also in the back-up the shift lever in no-load operation position and release the clutch pedal. The engine is then turned off and activated immediately again automatically only with the renewed footstep on the clutch pedal. The car start stop function makes it possible to avoid the consumption of fuel during the stop of the vehicle.

Also while driving the new four-cylinder variants BMW of the 1er make a particularly efficient utilization for the fuel energy possible. As soon as the possibility exists to be consumption favorable in a higher course and with lower number of revolutions on the way the new switching point announcement the driver refers to the ideal time for an appropriate change of the drive position.

A lighting up arrow symbol in connection with the course announcement in the instrument combination serves as December width units, but unmistakable signal for switching.

With High Precision Injection: The new four-cylinder petrol engines

Brake Energy regeneration, car start stop function and switching point announcement cause an additional consumption optimization with already generally the new four-cylinder aggregates aligned to highest efficiency.

In the new BMW 1er are used equivalent 2 variants of the new petrol engine generation. They have a gasoline direct injection of the 2. Generation. With their the lean enterprise in such a way specified, with which the gasoline portion in the air/fuel mixture is extremely economically proportioned, can be made by a particularly far reading and speed range away. Therefore leads the new, as High Precision Injection designated technology in practice everyday life traffic to a clear consumption reduction.

2 performance levels four-cylinder direct A SPLASHEs in the new BMW 1er

In the new BMW 120i produces the 2.0 litre engine an output of 125 KW 170 HP. Thus accelerates new BMW 120i in only 7.7 seconds (Fünftürer: 7.8 seconds) of 0 to 100 km/h. It reaches its maximum speed in both Karosserievarianten with 224 km/h.

Despite these impressive values the new engine in the EUTestzyklus is content with a fuel consumption of 6,4 litres per 100 of kilometers with both Karosserievarianten. In the comparison to the predecessor engine with outside air/fuel mixture this means 20 HP a consumption reduction with an achievement output of 15 KW around scarcely 14 per cent.

Similarly impressively the progress precipitates with the new BMW 118i. With an output made possible of 105 KW of 143 HP its engine an acceleration of zero on 100 km/h in 8.7 seconds (Fünftürer: 8.8 seconds) and a maximum speed of in each case 210 km/h. The fuel consumption in the European Union test cycle amounts to in each case 5.9 litres per 100 of kilometers.

As temperful basis motorizing of the Fünftürers first the proven 1,6-Liter-Antrieb with outside air/fuel mixture and double VANOS remain in the program. It carries 115 HP for 85 KW out, makes an acceleration value of 10.9 seconds and a point speed of 200 km/h possible with a consumption according to European Union standard of 7,5 litres per 100 of kilometers.

Easily, strongly and efficiently: New four-cylinder diesel engines

Also for the four-cylinder diesel engines a change of generations lines up. New BMW 1er profits as the first model from the associated increases in output and consumption reductions. They were obtained among other things with modifications at the combustion chambers, the air circulation, the loading with variable turbine geometry as well as at the Common Rail injection system. Beyond that the use of an aluminum of crank case leads to a substantial weight optimization. The new four-cylinder Diesel with a capacity of 2,0 litres is available for BMW the 1er in two performance levels. In both variants the new drive unit is equipped in series with a enginenear Diesel particle filter. Thus the emission limit values of the exhaust standard euro 4 are fallen below clearly.

In BMW the 120d produces the engine an output of 130 KW 177 HP and a maximum torque of 350 Nm. The achievement gain around 10 KW in the comparison to the predecessor engine presses itself in a value of 7.5 seconds (Fünftürer: 7.6 seconds) for the acceleration of 0 to 100 km/h as well as in a maximum speed from in each case 228 km/h. On the other hand the average consumption reduces after European Union by 5 per cent to now 4.9 litres per 100 of kilometers.

The new country Rover Freelander sales start celebrates

To 05. May has a waiting an end: On this Saturday the new country Rover Freelander celebrates its sales start.

After model development for many years and comprehensive hard test country Rover brings the 2. Generation of the Freelander on the market, by which since 1997 well over one half million vehicles were sold. The new edition of the best-seller bring along all conditions, in order to update the success history of the predecessor: In addition count not least the expression-strong body Design, a generous and practical cab as well as a quantity of highly developed technologies. The technique package is one of the guarantors for the fact that the fundamentally again developed compact Offroader convinces both delicately with plentifully travelling comfort on the road and by the unrestricted area fitness for a long time used of country Rover.

To price recommendations starting from 30.900 euro the new country Rover Freelander stands now starting from 05. May with the German contract dealers ready, who move the new Premium Offroader with many attractions and actions in the right light. For numerous customers the waiting period was worthwhile itself doubly by the way directly: They get additionally to the new Freelander a Frühbucherbonus, since they had already decided before the official premiere for the new model. For these customers the first inspection is free - inclusive getting and Bringservice or borrowing cars.

Suzuki sponsort “skirt at the ring” and “skirt in the park” 2007

If kreischende guitars and roaring Beats leave the Eifel and the Nürnberger Zeppelinfeld erzittern, “skirt at the ring” and “skirt are announced in the park”. Already to 4. Times Suzuki opens the Festivalsommer as a main sponsor. To the 150,000 fans of 01 is expected. to 03 June to one of the largest open air music vents of Europe. In the open air Linkin park, Slayer, the Beatsteaks, Mando Diao, the Arctic Monkeys and grain rocken. Among the further highlights the physicians, The Smashing Pumpkins, Velvet gun, MIA, we rank are heroes and many further liveActs. More than 60 of volume gives themselves at the three Festivaltagen on three stages the micros to the hand.

But not only “on of steam turbine and gas turbine systems” is provided for Action. Each quantity adrenalin promises also the Suzuki Urban Challenge, a spectacular Offroad Parcours, which ranks with “skirt at the ring” in the meantime among the master program. For the fourth time the Festivalbesucher has in “becomes green to hell” the opportunity to happen in the all wheel climbing specialist Suzuki Jimny as front seat passengers upward gradient and downgrades from up to 78 per cent to. The wood structural steelwork with ramps, embossment runways, a six meters high tower and the water ditch is unique in the motorring industry. For “skirt at the ring” - visitor is rides along by the way free of charge.

Driving fun purely on the Suzuki Quad Rundkurs

All those, which rather hold the steering wheel in the hand, come naturally also at their expense: Also in this year the Suzuki Quad Rundkurs provides for each quantity driving fun between the Bühnenshows. On the “skirt at the ring” - areas are available the Suzuki Quads for the ride over wild hills.

Jimny Cabrio as special model “skirt at the ring”

Again also with it also the current Jimny is “skirt at the ring” - Cabrio, a limited edition of the cult car with impressive accessory package. The mobile skirt tube makes all honour for its name. The equipment package “skirt at the ring” enclosure beside a high-quality CD-Tuner with loudspeakers in front and in the back, Hochtönern as well as one under the front seat installed Subwoofer. Further details are the central arm rest and an exhaust embellisher. Among other things is with the model of this year - which 2007er-Version - an air conditioning system also on board, with the driver also in heated situations a cool head retains. Partial leather seats and a leather steering wheel offer the necessary passenger comfort. In addition fog headlight belongs to the special equipment. The Jimny “skirt at the ring” - Cabrio gives it 2007 also in the lacquer finish to Azure Gray Pearl Metallic as well as further in the colors Bluish Black Pearl Metallic and Bright talks. The mandatory and with Festivalfans desired “skirt at the ring” - decoration as well as floor mats broken particularly round the cult model off. “Skirt at the ring” there is the Jimny immediately with all Suzuki dealers.

Rolling changing room with “skirt in the park”

Also for “skirt in the park” in the Nürnberger Zeppelinfeld Suzuki a graduation package tied. Together with united2play, Suzuki presents a actionreiches program with changing rooms to the appointment platform for sport and Spielfreaks. In these altogether 15,000 interested fans T-Shirts with a united2play and a Swift sport pressure can over-touch themselves and let themselves in them be photographed. Subsequently, all participants may keep the T-Shirts.

SUZUKI engine corporation obtains turnover pluses of over 15%

The Suzuki engine corporation has its conversion in the financial year run off 2006/07 (01 April 2006 to 31. March 2007) increased by 15,2 per cent on 3,164 billion Yen (19.4 billion euro). 8. Record result in consequence is to be due particularly to the high demand for vehicles and motorcycles on the foreign markets. While the conversion rose outside of Japan around considerable 20.9 per cent, a turnover plus could be obtained by 4,2 per cent in the homeland market. The Japanese tradition enterprise grew particularly dynamically in Europe (+ 34.3 per cent).

To 7. The operational operating result improved times one behind the other. With an increase around 16,7 per cent 132.9 billion Yen (810 millions euro) could be obtained. The enterprise increased the net profit in the sixth year in consequence on now 75.01 billion Yen (460 millions euro). This corresponds to an increase in relation to the period last year of 13,7 per cent. Behind these numbers the sales of 3,065 million motorcycles and universe terrain Vehicles stand (Quads) as well as 2.22 millions cars.

Also for the current financial year the company put itself ambitionierte growth goals: The number of the sold automobiles is to rise around 8,2 per cent to 2,405 millions, the motorcycle sales is around 22 per cent to 3,743 millions to add.

World-wide the mobility enterprise created 4,712 new places, so that to 31. March altogether 45,510 persons for the three divisions of automobiles, motorcycle and navy were active.

New notchback sedan Fiat Linea

In the form balanced elegantly, in the dimensions exemplarily generously, in comfort and available space exemplary, in security on eye level in the C-segment as well as in seeming and quality first-class - in such a way the new Fiat Linea presents itself. With the new model the Italian car manufacturer is again represented with a notchback sedan in the C-segment - the paragraph-strongest in Europe. The Fiat Linea is produced in co-operation with Tofas in Bursa (Turkey) and comes at the end of of June 2007 on the German market - at first with two engine versions, in altogether three equipment versions and at extremely competitive prices.

The new Fiat Linea carries unmistakably the handwriting of the center of styles Fiats. Its front sets new Fiat on the Family Feeling, which ties Turismo tradition of Fiats with sporty lattice radiator grille including new mark Logo, dominantem cooling air inlet and drop-shaped headlights to the Gran - like already the Fiat Grande Punto and the Fiat Bravo. The impressive front portion changes into, far the windshield handing pulled forward in the roof, which stresses the coupéhafte form of the Fiat Linea within this range as connecting element to the collateral line.

Additional elegance lends the rising collateral line, which - depending upon equipment version - lends a noblen Touch to the new Fiat Linea with chrome applications at door handles or protection strips. She finds her stimmigen conclusion, which easily rounded its regulation do not hide in the tail: much place for the luggage under the trunk flap. Clearly partitioned rear lights embracing into the vehicle flank as well as the characteristic mounting plate are further salient elements. This applies also to the bumpers - in front and in the back - perfectly into the car body integrates its function already optically fulfills. Likewise for the stressed auskragenden wheel arches, which lend typically a shot sportyness to the new notchback sedan Fiat.


The interior of the new Fiat Linea presents itself fastidiously as well as harmonious-elegantly, continues the external Design stylistic and profits from the stately external dimensions of the Viertürers, (length of 4.56 meters, width of 1.73 meters, height of 1.50 meters) as well as the wheel base of 2.60 meters. In the smallest detail durchdacht it offers generous space conditions (also for the rear passengers), high functionality, qualityful processing and high priority of the used materials.

Comfortable one, in seat face and backrest particularly outlined seats, more easily in and door (also in the rear), functional instrument panel with perfectly readable instruments, coloured co-ordinated coverings and material-in-corrodes at the door panels, high noise comfort and good air conditioning creates the ideal Ambiente for comfortable and relaxed travel. In addition also the large Gepäckabteil (with 500 litres one the roomiest in the class) belongs, whose capacity can be increased by surrounding the asymmetrically divided rear seat on maximally 1,175 litres.

Benziner or multi-jet Diesel

The new Fiat Linea is offered alternatively for the sales start with two motorizing (a Benziner, a multi-jet Diesel). With the Benziner it acts around the proven and also 1.4-Liter-Triebwerk well-known from other series with 57 KW (77 HP). It originates from the Fire family and is coupled with a Fünfgang-Getriebe. The 1.4-Liter-Motor with high engine speed offers high torque values at low numbers of revolutions (115 Nm with 3.000 rpm) and belongs with good performances (0 to 100 km/h 14.6 seconds, maximum speed 165 km/h) with consumption to the class-best (6.3 l/100 km combine after RL 80/1268/EWG).

Good road performances and low values consumed the new Fiat Linea offers also with the Diesel drive. The 1.3-Liter-Multijet-Vierventiler mobilized owing to turbochargers with variable geometry 66 KW (90 HP) likewise, reached with 1.750 rpm a maximum torque from 200 Nm and transfer its Kraft over a Fünfgang-Getriebe to the front wheels. The Fiat Linea 1,3 multi-jet 16V accelerated in 13.8 seconds from the conditions on speed 100, obtains a maximum speed of 170 km/h and uses 4.9 l/100 km (combines after RL 80/1268/EWG).

In the autumn 2007 an aggregate from the new T-JET engine family completes the drive pallet. The 1.4-Liter-Turbo-Benziner carries 88 KW out (120 HP) and connects low consumption and emission values with very good road performances.

Safety package

The new Fiat Linea convinces also with security. Already starting from the version dynamic is equipped the new notchback sedan with 6 Airbags (Multistage Frontairbags, Kopfairbags in front and in the back continuous as well as Seitenairbags) (version Active: four Airbags). Among the safety features also ABS with EBD, ESP ranks inclusive Hill Holder and ASR as well as MSR (not with all versions), seat belts also belt meet far from in front and höhenverstellbare head restraints on all seats. When desired there are also active head restraints in front (starting from version dynamic in series). Among the active safety package of the new Fiat Linea ranks its complex chassis (in front McPherson independent suspension, in the back half torsion beam trailing arm axle with rotator), the broad trace and the brake assembly, which are with largely dimensioned disc brakes in front (ventilated) and drum brakes in the back very efficient and stable.

Three equipment versions

The new Fiat Linea is offered on the German market in three equipment versions (Active, dynamic and emotion). Already the entrance version Active offers among other things power steering, electrical window lifters in front, axially and vertically adjustable steering wheel, Zentralverriegelung and radio preparation. The dynamic equipment offers additionally among other things manual air conditioning system, electrically adjustable outside mirrors, radio plant with CD-Player, höhenverstellbarem driver's seat, radio remote maintenance for the Zentralverriegelung as well as asymmetrically divided and hinged rear seat (60/40).

The Top version emotion has additionally a two-zone climatic mechanism, 16-Zoll-Leichtmetallfelgen, electrical window lifters in the back, arm rests at front and rear seats, leather steering wheel with keys for the radio operation, driver's seat with electrically adjustable Lordosenstütze, fog headlight, radio with CD and MP3-Player as well as the info. telematics system Blue&MeTM inclusive radio free intercom BluetoothR and USB haven. When desired rain and dawn sensor, Cruise control, park sensor and leather upholstery connect comfort-oriented and functional elements.

With the new Fiat Linea returns the Italian car manufacturer to a segment, in which he was already represented years ago successfully with the Fiat Regata and the Fiat Tempra. A segment, in which the notchback sedans in Europe play only a Nebenrolle, which is dominated however outside of our continent by them. Approximately 60,000 Fiats Linea of the volumes, for the German market roll annually are 2007 the paragraph planned by 1.000 units in the work in Bursa. Starting from 2008 the notchback sedan is to be built also in the paragraph-strong countries - with China and Brazil at the point.

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2,5 Domains Domain is European-wide the third-most popular Domain, says the European commission.

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