Tuesday, April 3, 2007

KIA presents four premieres on the AMI 2007

Kia points to the AMI of this year to Leipzig (public days: 14. - 22 April) four novelties: Their Germany debut give the cee' D to Sporty Wagon, the fundamentally revised Opirus and the Rio hybrid, in addition Kia presents for the first time the cee' D LPG with liquid gas drive. Beyond that on the AMI also the Kia Rio VSR will have to be seen, a sport version of the popular B-segment-model.
The cee' D Sporty Wagon, which became 4.47 meters long combination version of the new compact car, in relation to the steep tail variant extended by 235 millimeters. Thus the baggage compartment volume grew by nearly 200 litres on 534 litres (with normal item of the seats, to window height). The unusually large and far up-swinging rear flap offers an extremely comfortable entrance to the baggage compartment. Like the steep tail model also the sport combination with 5 engines (3 Benziner, 2 Diesels) is offered and had likewise the unusual warranty of 7 years (or 150,000 km): 5 years for the entire vehicle, 2 further engine and transmission inclusive for the drive strand. The market start is intended for Septembers.
The Kia Opirus, the luxuriöse flagship of the mark, is introduced on the AMI in fundamentally revised form: The new Opirus, which is available immediately in the trade, has more balanced proportions, a still high-quality Interieur with new Hightech elements as well as a stronger and at the same time more economical V6-Benzin-Triebwerk. Were optimized also travelling comfort, handling and safety equipment somewhat longer of the 5-Meter-Limousine become, whereby the weight be reduced and the power ratings could be increased: The new 3,8-Liter-Triebwerk carries 266 HP out and accelerates easier the Opirus become around 122 kilograms in 7.5 seconds on 100 km/h.
The Rio hybrid presented in Leipzig is one of 3.390 vehicles with the future-pointing combination of electrical and petrol engine, which will make Kia and Hyundai available in the coming 2 years the Korean Department of the Environment. The Ministry wants to test the everyday life fitness of this pollution free technology with this hybrid fleet. The Rio hybrid is with a 90-PS-Benziner (1.4 litres) and a 12-kW-Wechselstrom-Synchronmotor equipped, accelerated in 12.2 seconds of 0 to 100 km/h, a maximum speed of 180 km/h reaches and is content with 5,29 litres fuel per 100 kilometer (CO2-Ausstoss: 126 g/km).
Likewise very pollution free and besides economical the cee' D LPG leaves itself to move, a liquid gas-claimant variant in February of the started compact car. Already after approximately 40,000 kilometers the armament has itself - which is accomplished by the enterprise of ecoengines - amortizes. The environment however profits from the outset: Those almost sulfur and soot-free burn make themselves the autogas drive in view of the aggravating fine dust problem a promising alternative. Beside that cee' D should be convertible in the future also all other Kia models on liquid gas.
Beside these four novelties Kia presents a sport execution of the popular small car Rio on the AMI in addition: The Kia Rio VSR has front and tail apron (including completely new bumper) as well as a salient radiator grille, Seitenschweller and headlight screens. At the tail a final muffler gives an additional engine haven note. And optically the VSR package does not only change the Rio: It contains also a more deeply put and chassis equipped with sport feathers/springs. In addition the Rio VSR rolls 205/40 R17 on powerful 17-Zoll-Leichtmetallrädern with tires of the size. The sport package is offered presumably starting from summer as accessories.
Beyond that the Korean success mark presents in the AMI also its entire, in the last years fundamentally modernized model pallet: of the small car best-sellers Picanto over the Rio, the cee' D in the steep tail variant and the middle class sedan Magentis up to the Vans Carens and Carnival as well as the SUVs Sportage and Sorento, which can be tested on a special Offroad Parcours.
Kia takes part also in different meetings of the AMI. Thus the new cee' D will likewise be to prospective customers for test travels starting from fairground at the disposal. At the action day driving training (15,04.) Kia refers to the possibility of leaving the models to driving school vehicles changes. On the firm customer day (16,04.) experience fleet managers, how interesting Kia models of cee' D the Sporty Wagon over the Magentis up to the Sorento for it are. And on the taxi day (17.04. , Carnival and Carens as taxi version locally) can itself interested to inform how and where Kia vehicles can be reequipped to taxis. In addition Kia participates to the AMI Spritsparstunde and offers test travels with the new cee' D when desired also with a “Spritspar coach” from the DVR.

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