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Toyota country Cruiser (2007)

Since more than a half century the countries Cruiser in the whole world is the epitome for highest reliability and exemplary Offroad technologies. With its area fitness and robustness he extends consistently the borders of the feasible one and compiled world-wide an unmistakable image. In model year 2007 the countries Cruiser offers among other things on 173 HP (127 KW) uprated 3,0-Liter D 4D Common Rail diesel engine. Besides Toyota extends the model offer by the equipment variant country Cruiser “Sol”.
Design and body
Still Toyota does not set Cruiser with the country on a durable leader frame construction with more touched down, self-supporting body. Classical characteristics of a jeep like short overhangs and saliently issued wheel housings determine its exterior appearance. With the building of bodies Toyota sets on corrosion-resistant special sheet metals, zinc-alloyed steel with doubly galvanic coating as well as particularly impactresistant lacquers around the wheel arches. Toyota offers the country to Cruiser in two Karosserievarianten as compact Dreitürer and as roomy Fünftürer.
Engines and power transmission
For model year 2007 the uprated 3,0-Liter Common Rail turbo-Diesel is equipped with the oil change management OMMS (oil maintenance management system). With a light alloy cylinder head it carries now 173 HP out (127 KW) and develops a torque maximum of 410 Nm. Over the five-stage mechanism it accelerates the country Cruiser in only 11.2 seconds of 0 to 100 km/h, with the six-gearbox in 11.5 seconds. The maximum speed amounts to 175 km/h. The 3,0-Liter D-4D depending upon structure of body and transmission is on the average content with 8,9 to 9.2 litres fuel per 100 kilometers. The CO2-Ausstoss is about 305 gram per kilometer.
Besides the sovereigns strong 4,0-Liter V6-Benziner is recommended 249 HP (183 KW) as fastidious alternative. Its maximum torque amounts to 380 Nm. It kept in track from 0 to 100 km/h in only 9.1 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 180 km/h. The countries to Cruiser 4,0 VVT i exclusively with five-stage mechanism one offers. The permanent all-wheel drive with central Torsen Differenzial variable distributes the driving powers on front and rear axle. In extremely difficult Offroad situations the central Differenzial can become closed over a switch in the cockpit to 100%, so that both axles are rigidly coupled with one another. In such a manner prepared the countries Cruiser defeats upward gradients of up to 42 degrees.
At the front axle an independent suspension with double wishbones, gas pressure shock absorbers, coil springs and stabilizer comes to the employment, at the rigid rear axle the wheels by a multi-steering wheel suspension is led.
The countries Cruiser “Executive” had a semiaktives chassis with adjustable absorption characteristic TEMS (Toyota Electronically Modulated suspension), that the absorber identification to the style of driving, the body movement as well as the road condition adapts automatically. Besides it is equipped at the rear axle with a pneumatic cushioning inclusive of variable level control. TEMS is interlaced with the electronic stability program VSC and the active drive slip regulation A-TRC. The vehicle level can be raised and lowered over a switch in the cockpit manually around 30 millimeters. The maximum clearance amounts to 222 millimeters.
Interior and equipment
Toyota offers the Offroader in the three-door Karosserievariante as basic version to country Cruiser “C” and in the equipment stage “country Cruiser”. The fünftürige variant is also as country Cruiser “Sol” and available as particularly luxuriös equipped countries Cruiser “Executive”. Beside extensive safety equipment the basic version of the Cruiser “C” has country exclusively an optional rear axle Sperrdifferenzial for the extreme area employment.
Among the equipment characteristics of the variant “country Cruiser” rank two-zone a climatic mechanism, a high-quality RDS Audiosystem, Optitron instruments as well as an electronic speed control governor, fog headlight and an alarm installation. When desired the Fünftürer can be transformed by a third seat row into a Achtsitzer. The new equipment stage country Cruiser “Sol” offers additionally a DVDNavigationssystem and a 7-Zoll Touchscreen screen as well as a radio sixfold CD change-over switch and nine loudspeakers. Starting from this version is the spare wheel under the rear of the vehicle.
The Top model country Cruiser “Executive” has the chassis component TEMS and exclusive leather equipment: The front seats are electrically adjustable and heatable. The multi-zone climatic mechanism is not only for drivers and front seat passengers, but also adjustable for in front and in the back separately.
All country Cruiser of models are in front and in the back with electrical window lifters also on downward mechanism and trapping protection as well as with electrically adjustable outside mirrors equipped.
In the country Cruiser are all around effectively protected all passengers by a multiplicity of passive and active safety systems. In addition count an impact energy absorbing safety body with an extremely deformation-resistant safety passenger space just like an extensive Airbagsystem with in two stages releasing Fahrerairbag; Beifahrerairbag and Seitenairbags as well as wide, lateral Kopfairbags for all passengers.
All versions country of the Cruiser are in series equipped with Viersensoren ABS, electronic braking force distribution of EBD, brake assistant BA, active drive slip regulation A-TRC and vehicle stability program VSC - for the equipment variant country Cruiser “C” with optional Sperrdifferenzial, cut particularly to extreme Offroad employment, A-TRC are not only available for technical reasons of VSC and. Starting from the equipment stage “country Cruiser” with five-stage mechanism are electronic mountain driving off control of DAC as well as electronic mountain starting control of HAC on board.

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