Saturday, March 31, 2007

Renault safety star 2007

Renault looks for in the context of the initiative “safety star” immediately again of “Germany best driving beginners”. Already to 5. Times young drivers can show in the age of 18 to 25 years in theory and practice, what them to be able. The application is possible by 30 June 2007 in the Internet. To win are three Renault models: Mégane, Clio and mode. The magazine star, the Federal union of the driving teacher federations (BVF) as well as the German road safety advice (DVR) support the country widely largest safety action for young drivers. Protector is the Federal Ministry for traffic, building and town development.
To participate can young drivers, who are not older at the deadline 30 June 2007 at least 18 years, but than 25 years and since maximally two years a driving licence of the class B to possess. A further condition is that the candidates do not have a point entry in the traffic central register of the force travel federal office in Flensburg.
Attractive features
In the context of on-line application under the candidates must answer sieved theory questions. The possibility is new of arriving over a “Uservoting” at the Website directly into the Vorausscheidung in this year. Who presents itself approximately with interesting contributions, photos or videos around the topic “driving beginner” best and receives from the Usern most points, qualifies itself likewise for the Vorausscheidung. Over the Website the participants have also the possibility of exchanging itself among themselves by E-Mail. The 200 best ones drive then into July and August with four regional Vorausscheidungen around the final places. The END elimination with the 16 finalists takes place to 03. and 04 September 2007 in Berlin.
Reduction of the accident numbers with driving beginners
The competition of “Germany best driving beginners” is a component of the initiative “safety star”, which brought Renault together with the co-operation partners and the Federal Ministry of Transport 2003 into being. In the past years approximately 20,000 participants in the Qualifying in the Internet, 1,150 participants participated with the Vorausscheidungen in the driving safety centers and 88 finalists together with their driving teachers in Paris and Berlin.
A goal of the action is it to encourage the driving licence beginners to the responsible behavior in the traffic and to increase so the security of the driving beginners. Still young drivers are superproportionally endangered in the traffic. A quarter of all accidents becomes round of 18 - causes until for 25-year old drivers. The most frequent causes are a too high speed, a too small safety margin, influence of alcohol and error when overhauling.
Initiative supports prohibition
The introduction of an absolute alcohol prohibition for young driving beginners, intended by the Federal Government, encounters with the concerning large agreement. One of the magazine star in order according to given Forsa inquiry holds it the predominant majority of the driving beginners (92 per cent) for correct, if in the first two years after the driving licence acquisition an absolute prohibition would apply. Three quarters of the asked ones mean that thereby the road safety could be increased.
Raues climate on the roads
Of Germany driving beginner feel safe with driving a car (92 per cent). Nevertheless feels knappe a majority (55 per cent) handling on the roads as inconsiderate and rau. Above all on the question about suitable measures to the road safety they call intensified training (65 per cent) new safety systems apart from the introduction of the alcohol prohibition (76 per cent) in the vehicle technology (70 per cent), as well as more clearing-up work (55 per cent). Higher penalties and punishments nevertheless consider 49 per cent suitably to increase security.
Before the choice posed whether decide mutual consideration, which vehicle control and the driving ability or keeping the regulations and laws for security in the traffic are most important 48 per cent for the mutual consideration.
Initiative “safety star” promotes conscientious driving beginners
Given the inquiry by the star in order took place on the occasion of the competition start of the action “safety star”, those from the Renault Germany AG, the star, the Federal union of the driving teacher federations (BVF) as well as the German road safety advice (DVR) one carries. Protector is the Federal Ministry for traffic, building and town development. Already for the fifth time starts in the context of the initiative to 29. March 2007 the country wide competition of “Germany best driving beginners”. Here driving licence beginners can prove their theoretical and practical being able in the traffic. The 16 best ones begin to 03. and 04 September with the final in Berlin against each other and can from three new Renault models win.

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