Thursday, March 29, 2007

BMW North America communicates partnership

BMW North America has the partnership with the renowned William Lehman Injury Research center (research on accidents center) of the University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Medical center admits given. Both want to operate together country-wide multidiscipline research on accidents. In the context of this co-operation engineers of BMW with trauma experts from the medical range will co-operate.These teams provide biomechanical analyses on accidents, with which the causes can be better determined by injuries from collisions. The results of these investigations can be used then for the development of new security characteristics future BMW automobiles. BMW had recognized the meaning of a use of the analyses of material accidents for the elaboration of the product Design three decades ago in Germany as the first enterprise. 1976 began to announce the police in Bavaria with it, BMW heavy accidents, into which vehicles of the manufacturer were involved; this communication continues until today. BMW uses these information placed from the police to the order sequentially for the constant improvement of the security characteristics of its vehicles.
Today BMW undertakes the next step toward improvement and creation of a “State OF the kind” - safety engineering, as a research on accidents of the accidents actually taking place on the roads of the USA is tackled. With this project the multidiscipline approach is selected, i.e. the authority BMW engineers is combined with the medical specialized knowledge over traumata of the UM/Jackson Ryder trauma of center. Both will assign a team the investigation of accident-damaged vehicles and then by the reconstruction of the accidents as well as a biomechanical evaluation of the injuries the actual achievement of the vehicles in the reality the topic will make. The results are passed on continuously to the different development departments, so that these can improve the Design BMW automobiles accordingly further.
BMW is present already a completely substantial proof for the value of the research on accidents. 1997 were BMW the first car manufacturer, that developed the helmet system (Head Protection system = HPS) on the basis of own researches on accidents. The Insurance of institutes OF Highway Safety (IIHS) published recently a study, from which it follows that helmet systems with Airbags at the body sides reduced the occurrence of deaths with lateral collisions by 37 per cent, while the decrease of the deaths was in case of of Seitenairbags without helmet about 26 per cent.

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