Friday, March 30, 2007

Lexus on the autosalon 2007 in Geneva

With the LF-A Lexus on that presented Geneva autosalon 2005 according to the models LF-S, LF-X and LF-C its fourth LF-Concept-Car. The goal existed in the illustration of the principles of L-finesse - that new Lexus Design philosophy, which found its way afterwards in shape of the models gs, IS and LS into the Premium segment.
In this year Lexus on that presents Geneva salon the recent version of the LF-A supersport of concept - in accordance with the principles revised by L-finesse fundamentally and new arranges. Beyond that the LF-A reflects the emergence of a set of high speed sport versions for the Premium segment.
The new Lexus F-sport Special Vehicle of programs with seat at the Fuji Speedway in the Higashi Fuji Technical Centre at the foot of the holy mountain Fuji is closely linked with the engine haven commitment of the enterprise. F-sport stands for an extension of the luxuriösen mark image around a sporty component: Over classical Lexus of attributes like fascinating technology, most modern construction and incomparable driving culture outside F-sport stands for striving for completion in shape of a pallet of spectacular, compromiseless High performance vehicles.
The propulsion technology, the chassis dynamics, the high speed brake systems, the sport tire technology and even the sound perfect Lexus with its F-sport vehicles to to the border of the feasible one. Because F-sport stands also for passion in the construction and manufacturing of sports cars, which look for their-same and ultimative road performances, accurate handling and above all unparalleled driving fun offer to their driver - it is on the racing course or in the everyday life.
With its singular combination of high-level technology and the typical Lexus driving culture, of extreme road performances and that outstanding driving dynamics, how it only a genuine two-seater offers, is the LF-A more than only a radical confession to the Supercar thought. Including recent developments in things precision and High performance technology as well as on the basis of Design philosophy L-finesse strive Lexus with F-sport for a paradigm change with the styling and the technology of Supercars - a radical paging, which shifts the borders of the Supercar segment.
The basis in addition forms a radical beginning in things Proportionierung and Packaging. “the LF-A makes an enormous step regarding Design and technology forward”, describes Wahei Hirai, Managing Officer of global Design (TBC). “Important building groups were again positioned and again dimensioned. By this completely new beginning we obtained an optimal weight distribution, place exzellente stability and outstanding handling at high speeds reliably.”
The LF-A is propelled by an weight-optimized V10-Leichtmetall-Motor, which draws capacity over 500 HP from less than 5.0 litres. In the group with the optimally co-ordinated transmission, the small vehicle weight and the outstanding aerodynamics this drive lends a maximum speed of over 320 km/h to the vehicle. The front central engine concept permitted in combination with the Transaxle transmission at the rear axle as well as the radiators perfect an axle load distribution integrated into the tail.
With the Design Schlichtheit and dynamics go hand in hand. The salient and concise forms of the vehicle rekurrieren on fundamental functional requirements and produce in this way authentic dynamics, which do without jedwede exaggeration. In the clean alignment and in the expressionful integration of functional elements like the tail lamps a striking, sophisticated Schlichtheit becomes clear. This strong-functional Design is not dependent on decoration. Obtain the impression of more bundled, but always controlled energy. A singular tail lamp combination with large volume risers for the radiators coins/shapes the tail of the LF-A. Underneath the bumper a three-way final muffler in form of a triangle standing on the point suggests the complex aerodynamic optimization of the Unterbodens. Its thought out form contributes owing to the venturi effect to the perfect handling and the outstanding driving stability, which mark the driving experience in the LF-A up to the maximum speed.
In the Interieur all control elements and announcements were again grouped and summarized compactly, in order to create a fascinating, driver-centered cockpit. Among the highlights the Optitron instrumenting of the next generation as well as the light alloy Pedalerie attached on the vehicle floor ranks. In place of a conventionally arranged instrument panel the LF-A offers a salient, flat carrier, which extends over the entire width of vehicle and which compact instrument console as well as F-sport the steering wheel take up. The Schlichtheit of the forms stresses the roominess of the Interieurs equipped with leather within the upper range, while within the lower range with deep foot tunnels and sport seats strong outlined security is accented.

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