Thursday, March 29, 2007

Hyundai i30 and Qarmaq

Out OF Ruesselsheim sends two world premieres to Hyundai to Geneva. The compact one i30 comes in the summer 2007 on the market, the study HED-4 Qarmaq shows, how an easy SUV with pedestrian of careful lip could look .

Hyundai shows the compact one i30 and the Design study HED-4 Qarmaq in Geneva. Both world premieres give a view on the Hyundai future: The i30 is the new compact car and comes in the summer 2007 on the market. The Qarmaq is a Design and a material study, with which the typical SUV disadvantages are to be avoided like high weight and bad pedestrian protection. Both models developed in the Rüsselsheimer Design center under the direction of Thomas Bürkle. The Hyundai Europe chief designer speaks dynamic and sporty styling of one „“. The new compact class is 4.25 meters long, 1.76 broad and 1.49 meters high. The three Benziner carry the Diesels out between 108 and 140 HP, are strong between 90 and 140 HP.

To the standard belong to the diagonal tail sedan the electronic stability program ESP, active head restraints and six Airbags. End of the yearly follows a combination. In the future Hyundai designates its entire model pallet with the letter „i “, a two digit number stands then for the segment. The Minicars (today Atos) gets the 10, the next Grandeur is called simply i50.

The HED-4 falls as study from this nomenclature, the HED stands simply for „Hyundai European Design “. The Qarmaq developed in a common project with GE plastics and sets on lightweight construction. Like a Pilotenkanzel the pulled windshield consists of the plastic Lexan. In the group with the employment of polycarbonate the manufacturer speaks of weight savings by 50 per cent opposite conventional glass. A special glaze is to protect particularly well against scratches and decomposition.Plastic plays also a large role with the pedestrian protection. The entire front of the study is disguised with Lexan. „The Elastic front “consists additionally of three carriers under the body, which diminish energy in the case of a case.

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