Saturday, March 31, 2007

Peugeot 207 RC

The Peugeot 205 GTI was one of the sharpest bitumen drills. Today Peugeots Top sportsman RC are called - reminded of the Rallye series the WRC and stands also for “rassig and charmingly”.
Few months ago only Peugeot presented 150 HP strong turbo engine to the 207 THP with that. And the Frenchmen already put after. The RC has again 25 Pferdchen more in the stable, the torque climbs with Overboost on 260 impatient Newtonmeters. With the body one must look twice in order to notice the differences between the two quick Peugeots.
Squats already normal 207 extremely dynamically on the bitumen. But only the tail with the salient roof spoiler and the thick double exhaust final pipe separates the RC clearly from 150 PS-THP. The Frenchmen set on Understatement, completely contrary to the Rüsselsheimern, which sent recently the aggressively gestylten Corsa OPC on the runway. However also andersrum one a shoe becomes draus: The OPEL offers clearly more running optics for the money (however approximately 1600 euro are more expensive than the RC).
Also in the interior Peugeot before sportyness did not estimate itself straight. The most beautiful attribute are still the taut Recaro Sportsitze. Little aluminum optics at trim and pedals supplements the December ducks sportsman Dress. The steering wheel is appropriate for handy in the hand, is however like already with the normal THP simply a trace too large for a sporty car.
But available space for drivers and front seat passengers is very generous. The RC there is only as Dreitürer, the THP is also as Fünftürer to be had. That is finally meant the children as “car for humans, who do not only want achievement, but also in the morning to the school to bring must”, said once Peugeot Germany boss Olivier Dardart.
The RC is against it rather something for the child in the man. And thus we come to the substantial one: From that the RC Kraft of 175 horse power scoops 1.6 litres large four-cylinder, which Peugeot as well as BMW developed. The same aggregate helps also the mini Cooper S on the jumps. Already with low routes the twin Scroll turbochargers pressure constructs. Starting from 1600 revolutions the maximum torque of 240 Newtonmeters lies close, which increases under full load by a Overboost on 260 Newtonmeters. In addition electronics increases simply briefly the load pressure. When overhauling provides for a welcome extra Kick.
The predecessor 206 RC needed still another suction engine with two litres capacity, in order to bring 177 HP on the road. The new RC draws not only more achievement from less capacity, but reached also better road performances with at the same time clearly smaller consumption. In 7.1 seconds the quick Frenchman on 100 km/h accelerates. Thus the RC is as keep in track strong as the Corsa OPC with 192 HP, which appeared more biting to us however when overhauling still another bit.

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