Thursday, May 3, 2007

Mercedes Benz G-class (2007)

Mercedes Benz continued to revalue the G-class. Spread fresh gloss in the Interieur a new high-quality combination instrument, a likewise new attractive steering wheel as well as a modified center console also newly arranged switches and a changed climatic control unit. Outwardly the rear light Design marks the recent generation of the G-class by modern LED optics. With these model care measures Mercedes Benz continues its philosophy to equip since over a quarter century built classical author with a modern and comfortable Interieur at high sedan level and the newest state of the art. This secures its exception position for the G-class as full blood jeep with exquisiten Lifestyle characteristics.

The Mercedes Benz G-class was particularly conceived as vehicle for hard area employment with their conception 1979. In the course of the long construction period Mercedes engineers adapted to the “G” the changed buyer desires. Modern electronics increased its from the outset outstanding cross-country capability continuously. Their outstanding characteristics off fastened roads, their advantages in the use of trailer, its balanced handling characteristics and the Ambiente of a sedan help the G-class to that unusually are enough for lifetime from so far 28 years.


With the recent model care Mercedes Benz set new points of gloss in the G-class - particularly in the Interieur. Here a new combination instrument provides for modern optics. Four similar round instruments - set in with noble chrome rings - form the information centre for the driver. Likewise in new Design presents itself the elegant four-spoke multi-function steering wheel, whose lit keys make a calling of different information or a steering possible of certain functions by means of thumb pressure without diverson.

In the G a leather steering wheel is installed 320 CDI, in the G 500 and in the G 55 AMG in series expects the driver even the luxuriöse wood leather execution.

The modified center console with new automatic controllers and switches for the air conditioning system and comfort functions is common to all three models of the G-class. It revalues the cockpit not only optically, but improved additionally by its organization control security. In the models G 500 and G 55 AMG is in series the serving and indicator COMAND APS with DVD navigation system, integrated radio, CD-Player and telephone keyboard blocked. Additionally a compass function is integrated, which makes it for the driver possible to orient itself also beyond well out-described ways. In addition the compass indicates the direction when desired both in the display of the new combination instrument and on the COMAND screen.

The COMAND APS system is as special equipment also in the G 320 CDI available. In the standard type there the radio audio 20 replaces the model audio 10 inserted so far with CD-Player and telephone keyboard. The basis model without surcharge keeps a seat heating for the front seats simultaneous. The new 12V-Steckdose in the front seat passenger floor space facilitates immediately in all models of the G-class the connection of electrical accessory equipment.

From the outside the recent generation of the Mercedes Benz G-class is to be recognized by the rear lights. The designers transformed it and to them a new, fresh Look with modern LED optics lent.

New interesting special equipment available

At the same time with the model care Mercedes Benz extends the list of the available special equipments for the G-class by some interesting novelties. In addition the following highlights count:

Back driving camera, which shows the happening behind the vehicle on that 6.5 tariff large screen of the new COMAND equipment
Tire pressure control with announcement in the display of the combination instrument
Sport exhaust system for the type G 500 station car long, which essentially corresponds to the exhaust system of the G 55 AMG
Interieurpaket “ARTICO” with durable leather oh formation
New leather upholstery “Cognac”, those the past leather offer in black and grey around the third color variant in brown extends (in the type G 500 optionally without additional price)

More than ever G-class applies after these model care measures to the Mercedes Benz: Ever it was not more comfortable and innovative. Because the “G” shines not only with a luxuriösen Ambiente, but also with a technology on the most modern conditions. Among it the electronically steered traction system 4ETS beside the permanent all-wheel drive, which improves the traction with starting and accelerating on slippery underground, ranks in series. Besides three insertable Differenzialsperren and a gear reduction are available in the G-class for heavy area.

To the current model program to the G-class three motorizing as well as three Karosserievarianten belong. The power spectrum of the engines hands 224 HP from 165 KW with the G 320 CDI up to 368 KW 500 HP with the G 55 AMG.

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